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Goonies 2: You Want a Top Gun Sequel, Not a Ghostbusters Reboot says Corey Feldman

Goonies never say “remake.” Corey Feldman, who starred in the 1985 Richard Donner film The Goonies, was asked if there have been talks about a remake during a panel at Tennessee’s Fanboy Knoxville convention. “Let’s hope not. Those remakes, they ruin everything,” Feldman said of redoing the classic film that also starred Sean Astin, Jeff Cohen, Jonathan Ke Huy Quan, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, and Josh Brolin, among others. Feldman says that a good sequel to the Goonies would be one with the original cast, more like Top Gun: Maverick than the Ghostbusters reboot.

“You mean a sequel? You don’t want a remake, because that’s what they did with Ghostbusters with the girls. No, no, no,” Feldman said that the female-fronted Paul Feig reboot that starred Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon was good. “You want like a Top Gun sequel, right? They did it right with Top Gun.”

Goonies 2: You Want a Top Gun Sequel, Not a Ghostbusters Reboot says Corey Feldman

Tom Cruise’s high-flying legacy sequel reunited him with Val Kilmer more than 30 years after 1986’s Top Gun. In the movie, Maverick mentored the new generation of Top Gun graduates. The movie was a box office success.

The cast of 1984’s Ghostbuster who only made cameos in the reboot reprised their original roles in last year’s Ghostbuster: Afterlife. This sequel ignores the continuity established by the 2016 film.

Donner was working on a sequel to The Goonies before he died last July. However, Feldman is unsure if the surviving cast will ever reunite for the movie.

“Unfortunately, the head Goonie, Richard Donner, passed away last year, sadly,” he said. “Which makes [a sequel with the original cast] a lot harder to happen.”


Goonies 2: You Want a Top Gun Sequel, Not a Ghostbusters Reboot says Corey Feldman

Feldman’s co-star Joe Pantoliano confirmed recently that before his death, The Goldbergs creator Adam F. Goldberg pitched The Goonies II: Never Say Die to Donner.

Pantoliano also referenced Top Gun: Maverick when asked about a Goonies sequeltelling the convention crowd, “I think, with the success of all of these sequel movies — Bad Boys for LifeTop Gun [2] — for some reason, people really like going back and seeing these characters brought back to life. So I would hope we get to do another one with everybody.”

Disney+ is developing a drama series called Our Time that is a re-enactment of The Goonies. The upcoming streaming series, which is produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin and Warner Bros., follows a trio of young filmmakers as they attempt to remake their favorite movie.

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