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Good Multiplayer Games To Take To Grandma’s House During The Christmas Holiday

So, you have been stuck in the car for X amount of hours. Your back has cramps, your right leg has fallen asleep, and the gum you have been chewing fell out onto your lap. You have finally gotten to grandma’s house and it is time to unload the car. You get half of your luggage inside, only to be tackled by your little cousins.

”Hey cousin! Did you bring your gaming system? Didja didja didja didja?!”

We have all been in your shoes. But the cool thing is you, like us, have brought your gaming system. The only thing is, what games do you have that you can all play? Here are a few options that might work well as you navigate the holidays at the relatives and do not get that “Honey just let them play” speech.

Good Multiplayer Games To Take To Grandma’s House During The Christmas Holiday
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the best Mario Kart games out there. (Photo credit to Nintendo)
  • Mario Kart

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Switch is the newest one for all of you wondering, but this is the perfect option for couch co-op. Many Mario Kart games have the option of up to 4 players in a single race (provided you have the extra controllers, though the Switch does automatically come with two). Almost every race has the perfect amount of drama and it is family friendly. The only one who may have an issue is Uncle Steve, who may lose it when you chuck a blue shell at him right before he finishes his last lap around the track.

  • Mario Party

Another game with a recent Switch title, but one that has many counterparts across the Nintendo brand of systems. Mario Party games are frantic fun, and the sunny opposite of its Monopoly-style inspiration. Some of them have up to eight players available to play, so a big group can get in on the action. The mini games are the star of the show and are certain to be a crowd pleaser as you race, run, and survive to your hearts content.

  • Rocket League

Rocket League took the world by storm when it released back in 2015. Indie game turned sensation, Rocket League is played across about everything, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Another game with four players, this is not your average racing game. In fact, it is not racing at all, kinda. Rocket League meshes your Hot Wheels dreams with FIFA in that you literally are playing soccer with cars. Just like any sports title you will be fighting for the winning score, so rev up your engines and get going!

Good Multiplayer Games To Take To Grandma’s House During The Christmas Holiday
I sure hope that isn’t a kryptonite boot. (Photo credit to WB Games and Netherrealm Studios)
  • Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is simply the best fighting game of this generation. It’s combination of fantastic characters, fluid gameplay, and incredible gear customization make this a go to. It is capped at two players so massive battles are out of the question, but with a game that looks as good as Injustice 2 the ones waiting their turn will not care as they cheer on Batman as he sucker punches a Ninja Turtle. Or maybe the opposite. I don’t know what your nephew Timmy is into.

  • Halo Master Chief Collection

This game is a good option because while it is a shooter, it is clean enough that Aunt Marcy will not be down your throat with you “corrupting her son”. At least I hope so, if not you are on your own. Halo Master Chief Collection sports the original four Halo games in wonderful HD (or 4K for you X owners) for the Xbox One. They also have two player online for each of the story campaigns, two player split-screen for the Halo 1 and 2’s online multiplayer, and 4 player split-screen for Halo 3 and 4. There is plenty of Covenant-obliterating goodness to go around Spartans.

  • Little Big Planet

Have you ever wanted to play a classic Mario game, but on PlayStation, and completely customizable? Well, it is your lucky day. Little Big Planet takes a cute little Sackboy (or girl) and drops them into a wonderfully whimsical platformer the entire tribe can enjoy. With up to four players helping each other at the same time, your quest through the story does not have to be the end of your gaming. Simply connect to the internet (There is every chance grandma’s WiFi password is “password”) and there are millions of user-created levels to choose from, or create your own!

Good Multiplayer Games To Take To Grandma’s House During The Christmas Holiday
This game says Ultimate on the cover, and it truly means Ultimate. (Photo credit to Nintendo)
  • Super Smash Bros

Alright, you caught me. I did save the best for last. With Super Smash Bros Ultimate launching earlier this month, you have one of the greatest fighting series of all time at your fingertips. Every character from every Smash is in there, and there are more on the way courtesy of the Fighter Pass (Of which we discussed the final fighters here). Up to four at a time can jump into these crazy battles mashing up your dream Nintendo matchups. Can Link knock out Donkey Kong? Can Solid Snake snipe Mario? Can Samus make Starfox look silly? The answer to these questions and more exist in Super Smash Bros. Just don’t let cousin Jeffy chuck one of your controllers when you beat him for the umpteenth time. He can be a sore loser.

There are a couple of my choice games to hopefully cure your holiday doldrums and get the whole family involved! Are there any choices you think are better than others? Any you think I should add to the list? Finish unloading the car like a dear and then jump right into the comments and let me know!