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‘Good Girls’ Season Two Finale Recap: ‘King’

Published on May 27th, 2019 | Updated on May 27th, 2019 | By FanFest

Last week, Good Girls revealed one of the biggest twists the show has provided us with this season and there have been many twists and turns for fans to endure. As the cliche goes I do believe they saved the best for last. While one part of the finale was fairly predictable, I still gasped out loud in many moments. These moments still shocked me far more than I was expecting. Especially the one relationship we thought would never crumble, but could have not ended any other way this season. Many characters managed to redeem themselves in ways I also was not expecting. However, others prove that some things do not change.

The episode begins with Beth stress baking. Any number of reasons could have been the one to have her stress baking considering what has occurred this season. The only one I did not think the reason was her sitting right before me. Beth is turning herself into the FBI task force for killing Boomer. I was downright confused. How did it even remotely get to this part of the show where Agent Turner is finally getting his way? Why is our girl confessing and willing to go to jail for a crime she never even committed?


Soon though audiences discover a turn in the show and the girls talking to Boomer. In the moments they talk to him, I remembered why I did not miss this character. I also have to admit how incredible of an actor David Hornsby is because I cannot stand his character. Leslie Peterson has no redeeming qualities. This is something I have repeated time and time again in these recaps, but I was proven wrong tonight. I think the most hated man on the show finally proved he is not the biggest scumbag on earth. I’m not sure he could have done this though without the assistance of his grandmother, Marion.

The talk between Boomer and Marion in her car is one of my favorite scenes of the entire season. His grandmother honestly proves how Boomer has messed up his entire life. I feel like there’s something far deeper the show should have explored there. The fact she finally calls him out on his life seemed fitting. After all, she was the only person he ever would have listened to in the first place. He never would have gone to that police station without her. Boomer would have been content never growing up and becoming a big boy finally in his life.


Agent Turner’s face upon seeing Boomer sitting beside Marion is clearly the most priceless piece of film this season. I imagine to some degree Boomer’s change of heart occurs because Beth promised him money. She literally has the keys to the kingdom at this point. Then again, if she had looked in all the units she would have realized she had them all along. It was only when she truly listened to Rio she discovered how much power she truly had to some degree.

Beth’s character has grown tremendously from last season’s finale to this year’s season finale. Last year she could not fathom the thought of shooting anyway. This year she was constantly between another rock and a hard place. As soon as the bag went over Beth’s head, I knew what events were about to unfold. I knew that Rio had grabbed her. I knew he thought he was going to fix a problem she had already fixed. Instead, he pushed her to her breaking point finally. She finally realized that Rio has been no real help to her at all this season.


All the times that he has claimed to help her, he did so by essentially holding her hostage. Her secrets were weapons he used against her. He has constantly undermined her when she stepped somewhat out of line. As long as she did what he said and didn’t question him their relationship everything was fine. The moment she actually questioned him she was the bad guy. She gave up the keys to the kingdom because she didn’t want them. The truth is though I don’t think she really wanted her marriage to end.

Beth has always wanted to be a mom. She just wanted to have something in her life that was hers too. She wanted to be more than a mom. That did not mean she didn’t want to be a mom at all. I think in many ways through her talks with Dean she finally discovered juggling everything is difficult. Despite that she could have a little bit of everything all the same. She too though had to sacrifice to get there. Instead of choosing the person I feel the many fans wanted Beth to shoot though, Agent Turner, Beth shot Rio.


This has built up since last season. This has built up this entire season, but to watch her continue to blow him away blew my mind! To watch Agent Turner take the gun and cover up for her was even more mind-blowing. As well off as Beth thinks she has it now not everything is what it seems. While I could not imagine Rio surviving those fatal gunshots, I have to assume he is still alive. I have to assume Rio took the deal with Agent Turner. I cannot imagine that Rio wants his son to grow up without him.

Plus, we need a true villain on this show. Rio has never been a true villain. He has stirred the pot and caused much drama for Beth and the girls over the past two seasons.  Yet I have never considered him to be a villain. Agent Turner and Mary Pat have come off far more villainous than Rio. The only problem with this is I cannot say I would want to have Rio as an enemy. I cannot believe they are as free though as Agent Turner has led her to believe. Only next season will reveal these answers to us.


What the show should also on more focus on next season is Annie and her family. After the birth of the new baby, Gregg and Nancy practically disappeared. Also are they ever going to give us such an iconic scene with Annie’s son changing his name.  In many ways they dropped the ball on these lines this season. I am hoping they explore them more next season.  I also want to see Gregg’s satisfaction in that he was right about Noah all along. We might not be able to if the agency moves him out of state.  What does that mean for Noah and Annie?

I also want to see less angst in Stan and Ruby’s lives. That means that Ruby ultimately has to say no to Beth every now and then.  At the end of this season we are set up with the women sitting around Beth’s table. They all appear willing to go along with her plan to run the empire that Rio built without him.  How can Ruby say no? Will this happen?  I don’t know. Unfortunately have a bit of a wait until that occurs and we get to see our favorite girls again.


Did you enjoy the season two finale of Good Girls? Do you think this was a proper way to end the season? Are there storylines you wish they would have touched on more this season? Do you feel that Boomer redeemed himself? Is Rio really going to be an informant for the FBI? Make sure to let us know this and more in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “‘Good Girls’ Season Two Finale Recap: ‘King’

  1. No – it flat out ‘good girls’ SUCKED! Who reeeeally tunes in to see any of their otherwise politically correct cabable- no one. All they were watching was Beth and Rio. Bottom line end of story. It better right itself in season 3 all I got to say.

  2. No surprise, I totally knew she’d shoot Rio. This show you have to suspend your disbelief’s disbelief so Rio gurgling and all happy is the only way to keep him and the story alive.

  3. Very disappointed with the far too apparent hole in the plot. Why didn’t the girls simply take a picture or video of Boomer, obviously with a time stamp, to give to Turner? They could have moved The Body from the flower patch to Mary Pats yard. What gives??? Please let me know. My wife will not be watching anymore because this was so obvious. But I have enjoyed watching because we watch together!

  4. I enjoyed the finale for the most part; however, it wasn’t as plot-driven as I would have liked, it was more of an epilogue than a true climax.

    I personally would have liked to have seen the end of the Rio character and the introduction of a new villain, but this isn’t bad, either. What Agent Turner will be up to next season will surely be the most interesting aspect of next season. Perhaps he plans on using Rio to put the girls in jail…and then presumably he will try to go after Rio, which might make the girls and him all come together on one side.

    Really love the show. It’s amazing how it essentially clones the “Breaking Bad” formula but puts in its own variables that are unique enough to make one not think of the Cranston vehicle (plus it has some “Going in Style” elements as well, at least as the seed of the series). The soundtrack, too, has become an important character, and is highly reminiscent of the AMC project.

    Thanks for the recap…

  5. Not sure on the release date yet, but yes there will be a third season.

  6. I do not understand why they do not let Mary Pat take the blame. She ran over Boomer, killed her husband, and is living on her husband’s money because no one knows he died. She is really a criminal herself. Yea, she has kids. She should have thought of that before she did all these things.

  7. Wrong! Mary Pat’s husband died of natural causes though it is never clarified. Mary Pat kept him “ alive” by hiding his body and collecting on his veteran checks . She never murdered him. I don’t see her as the villian , I see her as an overwhelmed widow who was abused by Boomer . Rio is the villain, after all her shot Beth’s husband and clearly he was slicing up Mary Pat’s husband’s remains in order to get the women back onboard.

  8. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the show. I love the chemistry between Beth and Rio. Can’t wait for Season 3.


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