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‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘This Land Is Your Land’

Published on May 7th, 2019 | Updated on May 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

Last week on Good Girls Stan thankfully returned home, but this week we have to question for how long. Of course this week’s episode shows that he might not be the only character who might be facing prison time on the show. After everything these ladies have been through it appears that they are about to have to deal with so much more as the tides have started to turn in the favor of Agent Turner.

An interesting scene takes place at the beginning of the episode. While most people would not view Beth’s life choices as her becoming an addict, she has a startling realization of just that. She reveals all the moments in her life since meeting Rio that and knowledge that she attained while working for him. Steps she had taken to ultimately becoming an addict. Now as she is walking away from a business she helped create she must figure out how to cope with leaving that life behind. Much like an alcoholic resists the urge to drink, Beth must resist falling back into old habits.


Though in all reality Beth falls back into old habits by falling back into her old life instead. She throws herself into organizing the fall festival party for the school once more. The number of baked goods she makes for one event is astounding. I honestly lost count, but found myself wishing I had attended any party that Beth had thrown in the past. Her desire to be normal again must stick this time because she knows that she cannot take losing her kids again. She never mentions not losing Dean again though. I feel this is because ultimately resents him for making her give up working for Rio. Dean, much like herself, knows that it would not matter if she did miss her fake book club. Beth cannot go back.

Though at one point she takes out her aggression on the baked goods she spent slaving over for the fall festival. Who could blame her though? When she and the other two women were planning the festivities, and the delicacies, they all agreed that having a little gluten at the party was not such a bad thing. Fine, have alternatives, but to pack up everything that Beth made and not even attempt to take the store bought cookies out of the store cartons? Planning committee please! I will admit though it made me a little sad to watch all the sweets Beth created go in the garbage.


Beth is not the only person going through a rough patch though. Annie finds herself trying to save at every turn. She even takes two loaves of bread from her job in an attempt to save money. After all, Sadie’s transition will be expensive and she wants to be able to give her son the life that he has always dreamed about. Annie finds herself at the mercy of scheduling to attain more money though because she no longer has any extra circular activities that will help balance the lack of income she is making at the grocery store. Of course, she also lets Noah in on this as well, confirming that she told him a little too much the other night at the bar about her dealings with Beth and Ruby through Rio.

Thus, Annie lands herself in a place where they have to turn Rio with Ruby in tow. They do not mention this to Beth of course as they do not want to tempt her in any more schemes. They know how much this cost her and do not want her to have to endure such a loss once more. However, despite how bad Ruby needs the money she finds herself not able to go through with the scheme that Annie comes up with ultimately. I think this has to do a lot with knowing they used her daughter’s merit badges to get a leg up and make the trade happen in the first place. After all, Ruby and Stan have their hands full with Sara as well.


Sara has started to break rules around the house because she does not feel she has to follow them anymore. The strange part to all this though is knowing that none of this would have ever happened if Ruby and Stan did not need money for Sara’s operation in the first place. Regardless, this puts Ruby and Annie at odds as she points out that if Beth had come up with such an idea that Ruby would have never questioned it. However, since it was Annie’s idea Ruby found herself in a place where she could not entirely trust that everything would work out fine and dandy like before. The truth is though nothing has worked out even remote fine in any of their lives since robbing the grocery store in the pilot.

Meanwhile, Noah realizes he is in a strange predicament. He clearly cares about Annie. I think in many ways he feels conflicted about running the operation to bring down Rio because ultimately he knows he will hurt Annie. The sting will hurt Annie. Even Agent Turner sees this written all over his face right before he gives the word to listen to Noah’s orders. What makes this moment worse though is Annie’s realization at the end of the episode that she told Noah everything and only then was the car lot raided by the FBI. Only then was there enough evidence of sorts to put Beth away. Annie could have potentially ruined the one person’s life who has always cleaned up her messes.


The raid on the car lot was an intense moment this season. I am shocked they did not end the episode on that note because it would have been a great cliffhanger until next week. However, I am grateful they did not. I am so grateful that unlike last season, episode ten is not the season finale episode this year. I digress though. While most people would have been absolutely terrified by the raid, Beth began to feed her addictions once more as the lack of evidence leaves Agent Turner dumbfounded. As Noah points out though they somehow knew they were coming sealing Beth’s fate to go back to Rio.

What did you think of this week’s Good Girls? Do you think that Annie will tell Ruby and Beth that she told Noah everything? Will Annie confront Noah? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls this upcoming Sunday at 10pm EST on NBC.

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3 thoughts on “‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘This Land Is Your Land’

  1. Wait… can someone explain to me why they raided the car dealership?
    What was Beth ripping up in the bathroom??

  2. Hey Patricia! They raided the car dealership because Annie revealed everything that has occurred since Rio let Beth in on his operation. The papers that she ripped up in the bathroom were the records she kept of the money coming and going from the pills in the air bags of the cars.

  3. Great review! I’d love to add a few things.
    – I have never liked Noah, not from the first bar scene when he and Annie met. It’s hard to watch his continuous lying and taking advantage of a single, struggling mother. I don’t care that he has feelings for her on the side, he simply makes me cringe because what he is doing to her is THAT awful. I don’t know it there are any Annoah fans out there, it’s hard for me to understand how anyone could be routing for them to stay together. My hope is that she realizes now what a scumbag he has been, and that she schemes some sort of bad ass revenge with her besties help. I really hope its not going to be an emotional sage “oh I thought you loved me” “maybe we can work it out” kind of thing. He needs to be let go.
    -Rio misses Beth and he cares about her, he goes out of his way to warn her, but only if she wants to know what he believes to be important information. Notice he doesn’t simply spit it out. He wants to know that she still cares about his thoughts, still thinks he is something. He wants validation from her, a clear sign that he cares about her. He starts to walk away after she dismisses him, seeing that she has let him go. When she turns around and implores, “What?!” she is letting him in once again. She does care about what he came to tell her.
    He may be a criminal, but he has developed an attachment to this wholesome, loving, funny woman who longs for more excitement, challenge, and even danger in her life. (As a side note it seems he has a partner on the inside who is keeping him up to date with everything that the fbi is talking about. He isn’t missing anything. Maybe that’s why he is never worried about the fbi, so laid back about everything. His solid connection is keeping him a step ahead of them every time)
    -As a baker myself, I could really connect with Beth’s “over the top” project in the kitchen. She loves her creative culinary side and it’s an ESCAPE. She can lost herself for hours by creating something that will bring happiness to people in her life. It’s her way of giving to people, possibly redeeming herself for the wrong that she’s done. It’s something she is good and enjoys that she knows will make others happy. It’s quality and she knows it, she can be proud of herself. We saw a display of her beautiful, quality creations that have been made with love, and later a display plastic containers filled with mass produced last minute grabs from Kroger. It was sad to watch and you could really see and feel Beth’s heart sink. She felt unimportant. I feared she would trash everything, and it was hard to watch. Better outcome would of been: after collecting herself, get a message to Rio that she left him a present at the bar where they used to meet:) Imagine how much that would of meant to Rio. What a smile we could of seen on his gorgeous face.
    – Oh how I miss Ruby’s lighter, comedic, don’t take no crab from no one side. Her face in an earlier epidode when she found out Beth had slept with Rio, the way she responsed “how was it?” and “was it good” in disbelief with eyes as wide possible was just too funny. The Starbuck’s scene. The interactions with Mary Kate, the Quikcash clerk. I understand that guilt are worry are understandably consuming her at this point, but I do hope for the sake of the show’s enjoyability that her confident, happy self will be back soon.


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