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‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Hunting Season’

Published on May 14th, 2019 | Updated on May 22nd, 2019 | By FanFest

Last week on Good Girls fans wondered why, yet when, Beth would get back into the business. Through a brutally honest moment with Dean, she gave us all the reason we had assumed was the case for her wanting to go back. However, because of the events of last week, she does not have much choice in the matter currently. Despite knowing that Beth attains a rush by washing the counterfeit money, Beth insists she will inevitably leave Rio’s organization for good.

How and when she leaves remains unseen considering Beth found herself in a predicament where she either had to be honest or lie this week. Once again Beth lied. This seems to be par for the course for her, not that I blame her since she did tell Dean she was out of Rio’s business. At first, I wanted Dean to accept she had Spidey sense! Upon further review, I’m glad that Dean called her out. I think if they had started doing this earlier on in the series that their marriage would be in better shape than it is now. That did not seem to be the line the show wanted to tell though.

What stuns me is how daft Noah is acting. I feel like Annie and he are made for each other. Of course, she has been avoiding you, Noah! You were willing to sell her and her sister up the river. How have you not figured this out yet? Worst FBI Agent ever! While Agent Turner makes a joke about Noah’s heartbreak, audiences pick up that there seems to be some genuine concern there. He might have gone into dating Annie as a sting operation, but he has developed feelings for her.


Stan and Ruby go to a lawyer way above their pay grade. This is painfully apparent when they tell a woman who works there that they will take their coffee from the pot. I cannot blame them though. How could you not adopt that mentality? I would have thought the same thing before giving into Starbucks after she reveals they have a runner who will get them anything they want. Will this cost more? C’est la vie right? Wrong! The retainer for the lawyer is $10,000. While he can beat Stan’s case against him, even I swallowed hard at that amount. How will they get the money to afford this lawyer?

Also, how many pieces of Boomer can Beth put in her garbage disposal? Because the body parts she’s receiving through the mail has to be Boomer! The most disturbing part is that the body parts are getting bigger each time. The only amusement provided from this entire scenario is the conversation that takes place between Annie and Ruby upon receiving the finger or big toe since that appeared to be up for debate even after Beth disposed of it. Regardless, Beth reaches her breaking point and finally go back to the park to meet up with Rio. His smug expression though made me narrow my eyes a bit at him. This is the first moment I did not want Beth to go back to him.


Rio immediately tells Beth about the debt now owed to him because of a pill run gone bad. A pill run that Annie and Ruby needed to deliver on. I have never anyone so angry will pulling tons of money from a satchel. Even though Beth was out of the business her anger and aggression are somewhat misplaced at the women before her. After all, they Ruby and Annie managed to get her back into a business she never wanted out of in the first place.  The amount they owe also has her potentially washing money for the rest of her life. Considering the secret they already kept from Beth I cannot help but think the moment Annie started rambling that she needed to come clean. She had to come clean!

The various methods that the ladies turn to so that Rio’s money is washed remind me why I would be the worst con artist ever. Can you imagine going to a laundry mat and inserting that many fake bills to attain an insane amount of quarters?  All the while I kept wondering what Dean was going to think of everything taking place. I did not expect to find out this episode nor did I expect him to hand Beth over divorce papers. I envisioned him sticking it out with Beth forever despite how he feels.  As she insisted one last time she was going to get out, Dean explained he was going to get out too. That line hit a chord in me that left me feeling sorry for the couple.


Dean’s actions leave Beth worried about how ugly divorce will become between them. Ruby and Annie insist that will not be the case, but Beth knows that her entire world will come crumbling down if they do not get the body back somehow. Then again if Annie does not figure out a way to cut Noah off, after confirming that he is at least talking to Agent Turner in the least, Noah will become the reason their entire world comes crashing down. Then again I cannot help but think that Ruby might be in a world of hurt once those lawyers realize that she has given them counterfeit money.

An unexpected element to the show is that fans learn more about Rio this week, or should I say Christopher. While Beth protests too much, we realize that Rio wants her in as much as she wants out of the organization. After leaving Rio’s home, Beth finally admits her true feelings.  She does not want out. In fact, she wants to be with Rio. She admits this to Dean as well after staring at the divorce papers and inevitably singing them. For the first time in a long time, I feel that Beth is finally honest with him, even though at one point it is brutal honesty that no husband ever wants to hear.


Beth is not the only character committing to honesty this episode. While I did not see Ruby confiding in Annie about using the counterfeit money to hire Stan a good lawyer, Annie likewise confesses to telling Noah far more than she should have. She put together that he is an FBI agent instead of someone merely taking down Agent Turner and is distraught by her actions. The two agree that they are both hot messes, but cannot decide who is the bigger mess ultimately.

The biggest surprise of the episode though is realizing where Boomer’s body was this entire time.  Of course, nothing is ever that simple on Good Girls as fans discover that the body they helped Beth bury the other day is not Boomer. Before I saw the upcoming preview this week, I believed the body to be Mary Pat’s body. After all, we have not seen her since Everything Must Go.

I’m still baffled as to who Beth has buried in her garden now and if she can manage to keep the neighbor’s dog out of her new flowers long enough so that the dog does not blow up their lives and reveal to the whole neighborhood there is something that more than meets the eye about that garden.

What did you think of this week’s Good Girls? Whose body do you think is in Beth’s yard? Will the lawyers discover the money for Stan’s case is counterfeit? Do you think Dean will go through with the divorce? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls this upcoming Sunday at 10 pm EST on NBC.

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