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GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Win The Complete Sixth Season of ‘The Walking Dead’

Published on August 16th, 2016 | Updated on August 16th, 2016 | By FanFest

To keep your The Walking Dead appetite satiated until Season 7 starts, we’re doing a TWD giveaway contest with Anchor Bay!

“TWD: The Complete Sixth Season” comes out on Blu-ray + Digital HD and DVD on August 23, and we’ve got two (2) blu-rays to give to lucky readers!

walking dead complete sixth season

TO ENTER comment below on this page with your favorite moment from Season Six! Two winners (US only) will be randomly selected to receive our prize! Winners will be selected on Friday, August 19th at 12 PM ET.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s entries!

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37 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Win The Complete Sixth Season of ‘The Walking Dead’

  1. There were so many awesome moments in Season 6. The one that really stands out to me is when Glenn and Nicholas fell off the dumpster. I thought sure Glenn was dead and was so relieved to find out he might not be.

  2. My absolute favorite moment is when Carol protects Alexandria all by herself! And then walks home like a total badass!

  3. The best part of season 6 was when Carol went all Assassins Creed on the Wolves in the attack on Alexandria.

  4. My favorite scene was when Michonne was talking to Heath about what he overheard Rick tell her. The emotions that her words about how Rick and the group knew what it was like being “out there” was amazing. Then to have Heath look down in the water and see his own blood covered face, seeing the realization set in was truly heartbreaking. Amazing actors!!!!

  5. Richonne! But also when Jesse and family bit the dust. Sorry not sorry. All of No Way Out was incredible. Negan. Infiltrating the saviors compound. Way too many to mention.

  6. My favorite season 6 moment was when Rick said, “WHAT??” Taking care of the dude at Hilltop.

  7. My favorite moment was when it looked like bad news for Daryl, Sasha and Abraham but then here comes Daryl around the corner with the rocket launcher and takes out Negan’s guys. It was epic!

  8. Oh my gosh, why are you doing this to me!!! Its so hard to pick one single moment. But if I had to choose one, it would be when Daryl was chasing Jesus around in the field

  9. Fav moment Season 6 hmm…when Rick took on the zombie mob in Alexandria. I would say he took charge!

  10. Haven’t seen season 6 I have 1-5 on Blu-ray was waiting for 6 to come out on bluray to actually see it giving it a shot hopefully I could be a winner love the show top show on the list next to SOA

  11. My favorite moment from season 6 was the road blocks from Negan’s crew. As much as I love Rick he had got too cocky and the meet up with Negan’s crew and ultimately Negan himself…knocked Rick’s ego down a few pegs.

  12. When they all were out there fighting the walkers I’ve watched it over and over. Its the best.

  13. When Glenn and Heath make it to the saviors weapons stash and murk everyboby…..beautiful!!!!


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