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Gina Carano is Publicly Asking Elon Musk for New Features on Twitter, the Site that Brought Her Down

Published on January 31st, 2023 | Updated on January 31st, 2023 | By FanFest

It’s not quite right when we go too long without hearing any news about Gina Carano. Good thing, then, that she reappeared with a stellar suggestion for Elon Musk on how to make Twitter even better! Now that the countdown has begun anew, let’s celebrate her triumphant return and all the exciting things she will surely bring in the future.

Gina Carano Speaks Out Against Hollywood: 'They Came After Me So Hard'

Carano’s big solution? Give “personal photos & videos a special section” and put it somewhere else so “people can click on & comment separate to the twitter timeline.” This will “help weed out the anonymous trolls & help bring more diverse conversations.”

It appears that she has plenty of time to pursue other opportunities, and since her acting career seems to be slowing down, this may just be the perfect opportunity for a new beginning. She might not get the lead in The Mandalorian but it’s better than nothing – you have to take what comes your way!

I think if you give personal photos & videos a special section on here where people can click on & comment separate to the twitter timeline, it will help weed out the anonymous trolls & help bring more diverse conversations instead of mostly politics & news.1 stop shop. @elonmusk

— Gina Carano (@ginacarano) January 10, 2023

And she wasn’t done either. Here’s where she really puts on her thinking cap:

“Basically put something similar to an instagram inside twitter because a lot of us have been getting censored and throttled over there for years now but it’s a nice platform to share and personalize experience.”

Make something like Instagram. And put it in Twitter. What an idea. Honestly, seeing as this is the same woman who compared left vs right politics to being persecuted by Nazis, it’s not that surprising. Also not surprising, people took the chance to take some shots at the former Disney employee.

Is this about your movie making less than $1,000?

— Nick (@EntryLevel4Life) January 10, 2023

This one could be a valid point. She previously called out a Hollywood Reporter article about how Carano had a bright future with Disney but “fumbled the bag” and that Terror on the Prairie only made $804. Suddenly, Carano wanting to fix Twitter makes a little more sense.

Others had more logistical concerns.

How does this weed out anon trolls? Asking for anon friend

— Preefurr Nauteux (@CallMeBartleby) January 10, 2023

Or helpful suggestions.

Until that happens, we can always click the upper right corner of a tweet, then the “Change who can reply” button. If the default setting is public, change it to people you follow. That’ll cut down on responses from trolls & bullies. And bots, including the human kind.

— Mary Anne Landers (@Mary_Anne_L) January 10, 2023

While many believe that this is a wise option and Carano remains popular, we will keep you informed if Musk decides to act on her recommendation.

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