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Gina Carano Has A New Acting Role! Guess She’s Uncancelled!

Published on August 12th, 2021 | Updated on August 12th, 2021 | By FanFest

For a while, it looked like Gina Carano was going to be the next big thing in Star Wars! There was even talk of her having a spin-off with how popular her Mandalorian character was getting! Now Gina Carano has a new acting role! We’ll be seeing her on our screens again, soon.

For those who might not be too familiar with what happened, Gina Carano went and got herself canceled. She posted to social media some relatively controversial things, depending on where you fall on those issues, and it didn’t go well. People were complaining about her social media activity pretty frequently, though.

Finally, Disney got sick of all the controversy and basically went scorched earth with her. Lucasfilm said she probably would not be heading back to the Star Wars franchise and it has been pretty quiet since this.

But now Gina Carano has a new acting role, and it even looks like her fans are really excited. She is joining an action film, which probably means she’ll be right at home since she’s used to that kind of thing.

Eric Red, the man behind The Hitcher and Near Dark is taking care of this new project yet. There’s no name yet, but the film will apparently be based on the novel White Knuckles. Odds are the project will end up being called that.

Gina Carano will apparently be the star of the film which tells the story of a murder survivor. A woman is attacked by a serial killing trucker, and she’s dealing with some baggage from, y’know, someone trying to kill her.

Since the police seem unable to catch this guy, Carano’s character teams up with a different trucker and together they play to stop White Knuckle. Again, sounds like the kind of film Carano would feel at home with.

Other than that, very little is known about the project. They should start working on it pretty soon, but there’s obviously no release date or anything.

Are you excited to see Gina Carano again? Let us know in the comments.

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