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‘Gifts of Christmas Past’ A Look At This Year’s Retro Gift Guide

Published on December 3rd, 2017 | Updated on December 13th, 2017 | By FanFest

Welcome dear reader, we are about to be nostalgic and have a look at some retro gifts that are “IN” this Christmas season that you might have fond memories of. For some of us, we remember sitting on the Santa’s lap whispering about how we were good (though we probably were not) so that we would find one of these awesome toys under the tree on Christmas morning. I like to call this article “Gifts of Christmas Past”. 
Smartphone Game Boy Adapter
You guessed it turn your android phone into a Game Boy and RECYCLE those old Game Boy and Game Boy Color games you have in the closet. The Smart Boy is easy to install, just attach it to your phone and pop in your favorite game. This is less than $40.00 on

Next, on our Ghosts of Christmas Past Trip, we have the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Device. Yes, dear reader, you read that right 20th anniversary. This gift can send your BFF down nostalgia boulevard or start your own children down a path of letting it die because let’s face it there is no “App” or “Snapchat” filter so what is the point. Nothing can make you feel your age like realizing Tamagotchi is 20 years old except the fact that has some priced close to $40.00 and your first thought is who in the world is spending that for a “digital pet”.

Apple Pocket Watch Attachment
I know right? I thought pocket watches only existed on ‘The Walking Dead’ but Nope Apple has got on board the “Retro” train with their Pocket Watch Attachment. The Apple Watch face slides right into the frame attached to the chain and you are styling and profiling. However, your heart rate monitor and Apple Pay will not work. Of course, after the steep price tag of $219 on Amazon, you might not have to worry about your Apply Pay. This does make a beautiful gift for someone who has everything.

And of course, last but certainly not least we arrive at these Gifts of Christmas Past where we have an entire selection of retro game systems to choose from. Nintendo, of course, released the Super NES just a few weeks ago, Sega Genesis, Atari and even Commodore 64 will be the caboose of the train. The systems can be found at most department stores and


Well, there you have just a few “Gifts of Christmas Past”. I hope you enjoyed this trip down the retro memory lane and you got some great gift ideas for that 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s loved one in your life.

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