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‘Gifts of Christmas Present’ A Christmas Gift Guide of 2017 Hottest Geek Gifts

Published on December 4th, 2017 | Updated on December 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

Welcome readers to the newest Christmas Gift Guide ‘Gifts of Christmas Present’. These are what is hot right NOW. We never know if they will stand the test of time and will be back in a “retro” form in 20 years but for now, they are all the rage.


Personal Planetarium
This is for the budding astronaut on your Christmas list. They will be able to take a journey through space with this augmented reality viewer and audio guide. Just insert a smartphone and it overlays constellations, galaxies, planets and cosmic factoids. The price is not bad either at $99.00 you can check it out at

Phone Charging Bracelet

So here is jewelry for that special lady in your life and you won’t even have to go to Jared’s. This is the coolest and most practical gift I have seen while researching these articles. This is a lovely bracelet that you wear as any other bracelet then BAM it transforms into a phone charger. Now, this is a transformer I can get behind. However, I will admit I have never spent $149.00 on a bracelet or a phone charger but that doesn’t mean anything I am one of those weird women who doesn’t like to spend money especially on jewelry that I will most likely lose, never wear or drop in the toilet which would be bad in all cases with this item. You can check out this beauty at for more details.

Build Your Own Pinball Game
Ok, I am not going to lie, even I who has not one “geek” bone in my body is actually interested in this gift myself. I mean honestly who doesn’t love PINBALL? Plus, you get to build your OWN PINBALL MACHINE! Ok, I will bring it back down a notch. I however also know that I can not build anything. By step two I would be lost and by step three I would have a stiff drink and by step four I will have it set on fire as I drink that stiff drink but hey that is just me. So, if you loved one is crafty and talented and loves pinball this a great gift idea at just $49.95. Check it out on


Drones are still popular this year and are getting cheaper so that everyone can afford them. From department stores to online sites such They have some as low as $24.99 for a micro. I actually think these might make that “retro” list in 20 years. 

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger –
I am sorry even I found this one to be awesome. This is a USB Car Charger and it will charge up to two items that can be charged via a USB charger. However, I don’t recommend getting your car up to 88 miles an hour because the police officer probably won’t have a sense of humor about it even if he thinks the charger is cool. This bad boy is reasonable at $15.83 at

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