‘Ghosted’ Dead at Fox After One Season

CR: Kevin Estrada/FOX

Just when you thought Fox was done canceling comedies, the network strikes again! Ghosted, aka the show that teamed up two lovable dudes from your favorite workplace sitcoms, has been canceled at Fox after just one season. The show, which was currently finishing up its first season in a Sunday night time-slot, has been pulled from airwaves immediately with the fate of the final three remaining episodes up in the air.

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Ghosted found The Office’s Craig Robinson and Parks and Rec’s Adam Scott as two average guys who team up to investigate paranormal activity. The series brought in decent numbers throughout its fall season but went through some creative changes midway through when showrunner  Kevin Etten was replaced by The Office’s Paul Lieberstein. The show has been finishing out the back half of the season during the summer schedule to what are presumably low ratings.

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Fox’s recent cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lucifer caused an uproar amongst fans before NBC and Netflix ended up saving them. There’s no word yet as to whether or not Ghosted will be saved by another network or streaming service, so, for now, it joins the company of Last Man on Earth, The Mick, and LA to Vegas as Fox’s 2018 canceled series.