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Geek Webseries ‘ADULTish’ Wins Big at Seoul Webfest and Debuts Season 3 on Footprint

Published on September 20th, 2017 | Updated on September 20th, 2017 | By FanFest

Orphans Productions’ web series ADULTish took home some big awards at the 2017 Seoul Webfest – including the “Best Webseries in All Genre” and “Best Actress” awards!

If you’re not familiar with the web series, it is a product of ’90s nostalgia, and the subconscious comfort we take in remembering what it was like to just be a kid. In this series, that nostalgia and the serious struggles faced by maturing millennials living in New York City are explored. It all unfolds through three different perspectives: a woman (Bevin) who is attempting to balance work as a blogger and dating, a man (Eric) making a living running a bar in Williamsburg but lacking in personal relationships, and a man child (Michael) who can’t seem to grasp anything… not even school paperwork. Because, let’s face it, adulting can be hard!

“Seoul Webfest was a surreal experience. I spent most of the time just questioning if I was even there. The people were incredibly friendly, the city was very clean, the food was incredibly tasty. There was a little town that contained a tiny, cute comic book shop were we filmed our interviews; It was amazing. The awards we won were unbelievable. They definitely weren’t the ones I was expecting to get, but they will be something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.” – Victoria Cheri Bennett, star and creator of ADULTish and co-founder of Orphans Productions (which produced Seasons 1-3).

“I never thought when I started producing projects that they would take me as far as Seoul! But after we started working with ADULTish, I still can’t believe we went! It was a life changing experience and we were able to document it all. We ate actual Korean BBQ, performed Karaoke in Seoul, and even got to be on a panel with other international creatives like ourselves. I can’t wait to go back and make even more memories with the ADULTish crew.” – Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, head of marketing and distribution for ADULTish and as well as the co-creator of a separate docuseries featuring the cast and crew of ADULTish and their adventure in Seoul.

The series is created by Victoria Cheri Bennett, Co-Founder of Orphans Productions who also stars in the series alongside Justin Morck, David Rey, Ashley Hearon, Brandon Scott Hughes, Brendan Sockler, Philip Louis Calabro, Adrienne Lovette, Reza Salazar, Zachary Spicer, Logan Cunningham, Tim Rerucha, Joel Haberli, Jeanne Joe Perrone, and Kevin Masterson.

Season 3 can be seen on Footprint.TV now along with Seasons 1 and 2. Check out the trailer for Season 3 below!


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