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Gates Of Oblivion Coming To ESO

Published on December 11th, 2020 | Updated on December 11th, 2020 | By FanFest

Elder Scrolls Online is one of those few games that managed to turn it all around. When the base game launched all the way back in 2014 it was… a little rough. Since then though the game has gone on to grow into a successful MMORPG. It made complete sense don’t ya think? That the incredible open-world gameplay of the Elder Scrolls. Then you add the ability to play with friends and honestly that alone makes it sound great. It should have sold a billion units. Sadly, reality turned out differently. These days, though, ESO has had several expansions. The game shows no signs of slowing down either with yesterday’s new announcement. It seems as though Elder Scrolls Online is adding Oblivion content. We were given a mysterious trailer as well as a promise. More would be revealed during a global event in January. Gates of Oblivion will launch sometime next year.

Little is known about this upcoming content, other than we’ll be heading into the gates of Oblivion. For those who don’t know Oblivion was a large part of the Elder Scrolls IV, suitably titled Oblivion. This was before Skyrim took the world by storm and brought us dragons and arrows in our knees. Gates of Oblivion should be coming out sometime in 2021 and I guess we’ll probably know the exact date on January 21, 2021. Though, the actual trailer says 2020 I have to assume that’s a mistake. Since, y’know, that was almost a year ago at this point.

Even though we don’t know very much we can make some safe assumptions. Since most expansions, or as ESO calls them chapters, focuses on a race this one probably will too. Based on the trailer, if I had to guess, I’d say the wood elves will be the focus this time. This makes me tempted to download ESO and finally give it a proper shot. I feel like I’d be betraying FFXIV though…

For those whose souls aren’t bound to a different MMO, we’ll have all the news as it becomes available. Until then you can spend time getting ready in ESO as it is.

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