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Gaming: Titanfall 2’s adds Horde Mode, and it’s Incredible!

Titanfall 2 was released last year? The robotic first person shooter video game was released around the same time as the 4th installment in the Gears of War series, which is said to have stolen the spotlight from the underappreciated game.

While this game may have been one that you decided to put up on the shelf… you may want to reconsider forgetting about this game – because it just got incredibly exciting.

The developers at Repsawn Entertainment have been adding a steady stram of free content to the game and the most recent addition, which landed a little over a week ago, is a four-player horde mode. Let me just say, it is an incredibly fun time.

The ‘horde’ mode, called Frontier Defense, tasks four players with taking their multiplayer loadout and Titan into one of five possible maps and fighting off five increasingly difficult waves of enemy troops and Titans.

For those of you who are Gears of War fans and are familiar with that horde mode, you’ll pick up on the Frontier Defense mode quick. Your mission is to protect the  “Harvester,” which enemies titans and grunts will be targeting to destroy.

There are a total of five waves, and with each wave that passes the difficulty increases. The first wave starts out quite simple, as each player runs around on foot as a pilot and fights off your basic ground grunts. By round two or three, you can summon your titan to land. From that point forward, the waves intensify quite quickly. Similar to the bosses in Gears of War, you find yourself facing off against gigantic enemy titans.

The game can get quite chaotic and intense, but it is incredibly fun and entertaining, nonetheless. So if you have considered shelving the game for good, or if you already have, I’m telling you to give it a second chance… you will not regret it!