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Gaming: Remastered ‘Crash Bandicoot’ is EXACTLY what we Needed!

Published on July 1st, 2017 | Updated on July 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

Greetings my fellow gamers! This week has been quite an exciting one for us (especially those of us gamers who are 80’s-90’s babies) as we finally got to experience the release of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy!

Before I get to my review of the game, let us take a moment to remember the original commercial for the fun filled adventure game from the 90’s:


And of course, how could we forget the classic Crash Bandicoot commercial that starred one of America’s favorite fast food pizza establishments, Pizza Hut:


As entertaining and as funny as these commercials may have been when I was a kid, I am certainly glad we don’t have commercials like them anymore! A little too odd and weird for my taste, just sayin. Now, let us talk about the game itself!

Back in 1994 when Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin originally worked on the 3-D action game, they had quite the vision. A main character who would run into the screen, tackle obstacles, go on adventures and ultimately just have a good time. After two more years of development, programming and reimaging, Crash Bandicoot was born. After selling over six million copies, Crash became the mascot of Sony; similar in the ways that Sonic was for Ninetendo.

Now, over 20 years later, Crash has come back in this amazingly Remastered game. Let me first start off by expressing how excited I am at the fact that we get three games in this new release: : Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back and Warped.

To sum it all up, Crash Bandicoot has never looked better. Modern animation and graphics have really added a dazzling ‘wow’ to a game that was already one of the most adventurous, epic and fun games to ever be put out by Playstation. If you were a fun of the original series, the nostalgia is incredibly real. I found myself being flooded with memories from the 1990s as I journeyed on through the game; jumping on boxes to collect fruit, spinning in circles to ward off enemies, and trying to avoid falling into a gap while avoiding a moving obstacle.

I also love that they still kept up with the cartoon-like scenery, instead of trying to modernize it into some futuristic world. Let’s be serious, old fashioned cartoons and robots just don’t mix all that well. These graphic artists and programmers really knew how to take this retro game and reimage it with 3D animation to make the appearance absolutely spectacular.

Essentially, this Remastered Crash is exactly the game that we need. Nowadays, we keep seeing recreations or sequels of first person shooter or some other insanely violent game. It’s extremely refreshing to see Naughty Dog and PlayStation put out a game that can be enjoyed by all ages. No matter how old you are, I can guarantee you that you will find yourself falling in love with the pure enjoyment of this game.

One thing I can guarantee is that once you start playing, you’ll want to keep on going… again… and again… and again.

I give this game a 10/10. This game takes you on a fun-filled adventure that will leave you with a satisfying grin on your face.

Check out the trailer for the game below:


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