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Gaming: ‘Cuphead’ is the Newest ‘Need to Buy’ Game! (Review)

Published on October 10th, 2017 | Updated on October 10th, 2017 | By FanFest

Hello there, fellow gamers! Recently I made yet another gaming purchase and I’ve got to tell you, it is one that I have really fallen in love with – Cuphead!

Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game. You can travel across some mini levels (kind of similar to Rayman) where you will face off against swarms of mini enemies. The main focus of the game, however, is the heavy focus on the boss battles. One of the bosses that I found myself facing, was a giant crying onion. I’m not kidding. There is a gigantic onion boss in this game and you can defeat it by avoiding its ‘tears’ and shooting it down. Oh yeah, there is also a gigantic potato and carrot you must face on this level also.

Image result for cuphead onion boss gif
Image: Studio MDHR

The audio and visuals for the game are inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, which just makes it that much cooler.

In the game, you play as Cuphead or Mugman (that’s right, this can be a single or two player game!) as you traverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves, and discover hidden secrets while you try to pay your debt back to the devil!

Although the graphics of this game look extremely silly, this is a game that I recommend to both teens as well as adults. I found myself getting rather giggly and giddy at certain parts of the game. I mean, you’re running around as these little cup people… it is absolutely adorable!

If you’re the kind of person who loves fun, fast adventure games… Cuphead is absolutely for you!

Cuphead is now available for just $19.99 on Xbox One and PC.

Check out the launch trailer for the game below:


as seen on promo graphic


as seen on promo graphic