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‘Game Of Thrones’ stars discuss political parallels and how the show will end

Published on April 8th, 2019 | Updated on April 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

We were treated on the Saturday of Walker Stalker London to a Game Of Thrones panel where John Bradley and Hannah Murray, otherwise known as their alter-ego’s Sam and Gilly, joined us to share some insights into their characters and reflections on the series.

Hannah Murray and John Bradley discussed their on-screen relationship. They noted that whilst their characters both bring each other down a lot in the show, that it is not meant to be taken seriously as due to the fact they both had cruel fathers, they are always cautious around each other and appreciative of each other’s fears and challenges.

Bradley discussed his character in detail explaining that ‘Sam is the man in the street, he kinda has a modern way of thinking’. Bradley sees his character as the most progressive person in the show, describing him as thinking more like we do today despite the shows historic fantastical setting. If given the chance, Bradley believes Sam would get rid of the iron throne, get rid of the hierarchy and monarchy as an outdated and archaic system. As Bradley discussed the political messages of the show, through the rights and wrongs of this system, Murray added that she also felt the show bought with its own political messages and influences on today’s society.

Murray explained that she felt the show had its own parallels with our political systems today and was advocating the way we should be moving forward in the world. Murray spoke about how Game of Thrones is a story of people who come from all different places, walks of life and with different backgrounds, who all settle and live together. She compared Game of Thrones with the current refugee crises and political divides happening in the world, explaining that she felt the show was a comment on how we should accept and welcome refugees, allow everybody to settle just like the characters do within Game of Thrones.

The two actors also discussed the ending of Game Of Thrones and how the cast felt about their decision. Bradley explained that he felt ‘Intense relief that it wasn’t going to be an ending we were ashamed of. We don’t wanna be that…we want to go out and tell people we are happy. The show has never been bothered about being happy.’

Bradley and Murray wanted to emphasize that the cast and crew wanted the show to end at the right moment for the show. They wanted the show to have an ending they felt it deserved and that they felt satisfied with, as actors and creatives on the team. They wanted to be able to promote the end to the show knowing that they liked and felt comfortable with what had been produced.

Equally, Bradley emphasized that the show had never tried to be a crowd pleaser but was very much the opposite. The show didn’t want its audience to feel happy with what was happening on screen, but to feel shocked, upset and emotionally connect with the characters more than simply please its viewers but instead tell a story that engaged and interacted with its audience in a different way. This is clear from watching Game Of Thrones, and could possibly provide some insight to where the series is now heading for its final season.


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