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HBO and Fender Team Up For A Trio of ‘Game of Thrones’ Inspired Guitars

Published on April 16th, 2019 | Updated on April 16th, 2019 | By FanFest

In celebration of Game of Thrones final season, Fender and HBO have teamed up to release three beautiful guitars inspired by the hit series.

The trio, dubbed the Game of Thrones Sigil collection, are masterbuilt handcrafted guitars featuring dragon scale carvings, faux wood fur cases, custom inlays and gold-plated pickguards. Each guitar will represent an iconic house, including House Stark, House Lannister and House Targaryen.

All three guitars are built to order via the Fender Custom Shop and promise to be meticulously detailed, providing an authenticity to each house, in hopes of bringing to life the guitar for both players and fans of the series alike.

Justin Norvell, EVP of Fender Products, explained that, “this has been a two-year journey – much of it spent in the concept phase, nailing down a cool and authentic way to bring the two properties together. We worked directly and extensively with Game of Thrones’ creator and avid guitar player D.B. Weiss to ensure that our vision, design and materials reflected the identity of each house.”

“There’s no better place than the Fender Custom Shop to tackle this task with experts in not only guitar-building, but specialized skills, such as carving and engraving, that really set these instruments apart,” continued Novell. “As existing fans of the series, we couldn’t be happier with the final results and this partnership overall.”

D.B. Weiss, co-creator and showrunner of Game of Thrones alongside David Benioff, said, “Rob Thorn (Principal Master Builder) at Fender has built three beautiful, GoT-inspired works of art, and you can out-shred your enemies with all of them. The craftmanship and attention to detail reminds me a lot of what we saw in our costume and armory shops, and on our sets. I hope these make a few other people 1/1000th as happy as they make me.”

Thorn, who was chosen to handcraft these beautiful guitars based on his decades-long experience in engineering, inlay, luthiery, and engraving, explained that each guitar draws inspiration from the house’s family sigil, costume design, armor and weaponry as well as each of their locations in Westeros.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each guitar:

Game of Thrones House Stark, Telecaster (Retail: $25,000) – The House Stark Telecaster guitar features a lightweight swamp ash body, weathered with inlaid sterling silver purfling that reflects the broodiness of Winterfell’s landscape. The guitar features a maple neck with ebony fingerboard, hand-cut and engraved sterling silver Dire Wolf sigil inlay on the first fret in addition to an embossed nickel silver version on the pickguard. The Tele also features hand-engraved knobs, an etched neck plate and is finished with thin lacquer over custom paints, including “Raven Black” and “Graf Wolf.”

Game of Thrones House Lannister, Jaguar (Retail: $30,000) – The House Lannister guitar stuns with a lightweight alder body that features 24k Gold leaf with heraldry design on both the front and back, paying homage to the opulent Red Keep in King’s Landing. The guitar has a maple neck with ebony fretboard, hand-cut and engraved brass Lion sigil inlay on the first fret, a 24k leaf heraldry design carved headstock face, gold hardware and a gold-plated pickguard that is engraved with the Lannister’s sigil. The Jaguar also includes an etched neck plate, hand-engraved knobs and is finished with a thin lacquer over custom paints including “Burnt Crimson” and “Lannister Gold.”

Game of Thrones House Targaryen, Stratocaster (Retail: $35,000) – For the House Targaryen Stratocaster guitar, Thorn drew significant inspiration from the family’s sigil, a three-headed dragon, as this Strat features carved dragon scales across the front and back of the guitar. The lightweight alder body is adorned with black hardware, a maple neck with ebony fretboard, hand-cut and engraved sterling silver three-headed dragon sigil inlay on the first fret, as well as a hand-tooled and stained leather pickguard that also features the Targaryen sigil. The Strat also boasts and etched neck plate and is finished with thin lacquer over custom “Dragonglass Black” paint.

These Game of Throne inspired guitars took over 300 hours to create, with over 100 hours dedicated to each individual instrument. “We never stop pushing the envelope at the Fender Custom Shop,” said Mike Lewis, VP of Product Development at Fender Custom Shop. “HBO’s Game of Thrones is an ideal collaboration for us, as the show pushes the limits of creativity and storytelling, and you never know what is going to happen next!”

Each guitar comes with a bespoke guitar case as well as an El Dorado strap. The House Stark Telecaster comes with a guitar case featuring a faux wolf fur lining and a black suede exterior; House Lannister Jaguar’s case features gold accents including a crushed gold velvet interior and all gold hardware; House Targaryen Stratocaster boasts an all-black reptile design on its exterior with red stitching accents both inside and out.

You can view an in-depth look at the guitars in the video below, originally posted by Fender:


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