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‘Game of Thrones’ Creators “Apologize” For The Most Recent Episode’s Aftermath

Published on May 25th, 2016 | Updated on June 27th, 2016 | By FanFest

WARNING: Game of Thrones Spoilers Ahead. Turn back now if you wish to continue to know nothing!

GoT Spoilers


Game of Thrones is definitely not a show for the faint of heart.  The show is full of destruction and traumatizing deaths of major characters which fans need to emotionally process.  First the first time ever, the producers are offering an apology for the trauma their most recent episode has caused but, it’s not exactly what you may think.

Fans were absolutely devastated when Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, title The Doorended with the death of one of the most beloved characters on the show, Hodor.  Almost instantaneously, “Hold the Door” Memes began to surface on the internet.

This prompted a “heartfelt” apology from executive producers, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night.  Benioff and Weiss weren’t apologizing for killing off our beloved Hodor though.  As they say in the video below, they kill off beloved main characters all the time; 739 main characters so far, to be exact.  Their apology, however, is for a completely different reason which they admit, they totally didn’t see coming.

Check out the “apology” below.  What do you think of Game of Thrones Season 6 so far?

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