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Gal Gadot and Chris Pine on Powerful Women and Finding Power in Love and Acceptance

Published on June 1st, 2017 | Updated on May 31st, 2017 | By FanFest

Fans of Wonder Woman are living on cloud 9 as the wait to the film dwindles down to mere hours until its debut and reviews are calling it the DC movie we’ve all been waiting for. From the moment we found out that a Wonder Woman film was being created and discovered both the plot and the cast, our excitement only grew. Gal Gadot is a ‘Wonder Woman’ in her own right, and after seeing trailers, photoshoots, and reading interviews – there’s no one we would have enjoyed seeing in this role more.

In addition to Gal’s powerful role, Chris Pine also takes on a massive role in the film and he doesn’t take it lightly. The pair both spoke with high respect and regard for the characters they portray and Gal used the word privileged when speaking of playing this incredible character.

EW: Did you feel any kind of weight or responsibility? This is the biggest female superhero that stands up with Superman?

Gal: You could say that I felt some pressure. I feel very privileged that I got the opportunity to portray such an iconic, strong female character. I adore this character and everything that she stands for and everything that she symbolizes. But of course this character is so big and iconic, and the expectations that all of the fans have for it are huge. Hopefully, after they watch the movie they’ll be pleased.

The pair also talked about how important it was that they played these roles together. Gal doted about Chris, saying she couldn’t have asked for a better partner to play with and that it was easy for both of them to be comfortable and to fall in love on screen.

Gal: I couldn’t ask for a better partner to play with and to work with on this project. Chris is such a funny guy, and he made me feel comfortable the entire shoot. I was cold most of the time because I hardly wore anything, and he was really cold as well even though he had a jacket and stuff. And he made me giggle, which kept me very warm. No, but to be serious, he’s a very, very talented actor. It was a pleasure to spend all of this time with him, with you. It was a great adventure for both of us, I think. [To Chris] You better say yes.

Chris: Gal is this beautiful, positive spirit. She’s professional, she’s fun, she loves to laugh. It just made it very, very easy to fall in love.

Their off-screen chemistry translates this well in interviews, we can’t wait to see how it plays on screen during one of the most highly anticipated films in recent history. No matter how much potential a film has, if it’s cast and crew isn’t on the same page – the film fails. This is definitely not one of those instances.

They also shared what they hope is a takeaway from Wonder Woman and their responses are perfect.

EW: What do you hope audiences take away from this film?

Chris: For me, one of the takeaways from meeting with Patty is this idea that in the end, it’s not this woman’s great superpowers that win the day — it’s really love and compassion. There’s a moment toward the end of the film that exemplifies that. I think this idea of empathy and compassion and love being a weapon is really important. There’s a deeper musical note happening here that I think if it touches some people out there, and they take it to heart, is very, very important.

Gal: To add more to what Chris is saying, I would also say that never give up and never lose hope. I think that even when we’ve been exposed to situations that are really far from who we are and different to our perspective, we need to have tolerance to one another and we need to accept different views. And we need to never, ever lose hope.

You can read the interview in its entirety here or buy the magazine at a newsstand near you.

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