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Gal Gadot and Chris Hemsworth on Wonder Woman vs Thor

Published on June 5th, 2017 | Updated on June 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Gal Gadot has been absolutely beaming about being cast as Wonder Woman since we found out the film was happening, she loves the role and the strength of the character, as well as the message it sends to women (and men) everywhere.

Another person who loves Gal as Wonder Woman is her on-screen love interest, Chris Pine. The chemistry between the pair is incredible both on and off screen and he has supported her with pride and adoration from the beginning of their journey together. Gal’s personality is contagious and what she brings to Wonder Woman has set a standard.

During a promo tour for the film, Gal sat down for a chat with Katie Couric and Katie posted a video to Twitter where Gal spoke to Chris Hemsworth on who would win between Thor and Wonder Woman, and with a sweet smile, she said she thinks it would be Wonder Woman.

Chris’ response was quick and, as we guessed, he agreed with Gal and said she’d definitely kick Thor’s a**.

Chris’ good humor was perfect, and the social media sphere thought so as well, Gal responded to him by saying she always knew he was a smart guy. She also said they should combine worlds, could you imagine?

The responses to their little conversation were awesome, people all over Twitter were imagining a world where the two came together on screen either as enemies or unlikely allies. The idea certainly ignited some excitement!

One fan even brought up the fact that Wonder Woman was worthy enough to hold Mjolnir.

We also have to mention the use of this Top Gun gif that, quite honestly, makes us weak in the knees. You can’t blame us…

So what do you think? Would Wonder Woman beat Thor if it came down to it, or perhaps, would the pair unite and become a huge power team? Let us know!

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