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Gabriel Snaps at Negan in ‘The Walking Dead’ Preview for Mid-Season Finale

Published on November 22nd, 2018 | Updated on November 22nd, 2018 | By FanFest

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 9 is upon us, and there are many questions to be asked.

In the latest teaser for this week’s episode, we see a scene between Gabriel and Negan, who is still imprisoned after six years.

Gabriel reaches for a pan on the ground.

Negan begins going on a victory rant, “You know what a smell is? It’s when odor molecules activate neurons in your nasal passages. So, every time you come in here, change my bedpan, smell my s—, something that was actually in my a– goes right up your nose!”

Gabriel keeps working. “I’m sorry, I never know which eye I’m supposed to look at it, it’s a little bit distracting,”

That’s it for Gabriel, he claps back. “Shut up for once in your life shut your damn mouth. I keep scratching at you. I keep trying to figure out what’s underneath it all. I keep thinking that if I deep enough, I’ll find a person! Someone I can help but I never do! All I find is more…”
Gabriel doesn’t usually snap, and Negan recognizes that there’s something else going on here. “What happened?” He asks.

“Rosita’s at Hilltop. I sent her out and she got hurt. The messenger doesn’t know what happened or how bad it is and I can’t go to help her because I have to be here with you. Because somebody has to stay behind to be responsible for you.”

“It’s bad enough I have to clean up your s—. I shouldn’t have to listen to it, too.” He says, before walking out.

The synopsis for The Walking Dead Episode 9×08, “Evolution.” is as follows:

“A small rescue mission braves a dangerous herd in their hunt for a missing comrade, only to discover a surprising threat that could doom them all.”

The Walking Dead mid-season finale airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC.


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