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Gabriel Luna Returning As Ghost Rider For The MCU? Would Fans Want That!?

Published on August 5th, 2021 | Updated on August 5th, 2021 | By FanFest

Believe it or not there has been a live action Ghost Rider after Nicholas Cage. Just, you might have missed him if you want watch Agents Of Shield Gabriel Luna portrayed him on the now non-canon Marvel series. Is Gabriel Luna returning as Ghost Rider for the MCU? Is that something fans would even want?

Well, there certainly is a fanbase there. Luna was surprisingly good as the spirit of vengeance while on Agents Of Shield. He appeared in season 4, but didn’t come back ot my knowledge. I’m sure if I’m wrong you guys will let me know.

If anything, having him join the MCU could only make him better. He was already pretty awesome in Agents of Shield so imagine what he could do while backed by Marvel Studios!

Do you know what the best part about bringing Gabriel Luna back would be? The explanation could be minimal, and they could use the same backstory.

The Multiverse sort of… exploded in the season finale of Loki. Exploded might be inaccurate, it’s more like the Multiverse was connected.

That means if Marvel Studios were inclined they could just drag Luna in from Agents of Shield if they wanted! Easy, no muss no fuss!

Reports have been coming in that Marvel is interested in having him return. GiantFreakinRobot and Geekosity have both reported on it, along with a few other outlets.

Should this prove to be true, I feel like it would be a win all around. Marvel gets easy access to a Ghost Rider, and fans get the return of a character they really enjoyed.

Now we just need to figure out what the hell they’re going to do with Coulson…

How do you guys feel about it though? Do you want Gabriel Luna back as Ghost Rider? I think it’s a great idea. myself!

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