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Further exploring The X-Files in “The Complete X-Files: Revised and Updated Edition”

Published on November 6th, 2016 | Updated on November 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

My father and I were always there. Sunday nights at 9PM (eastern), we would always turn to Fox to watch our show: The X-Files. We loved how they kept the series going with the movies. I read the Season 10 (now Season 11) comic series and yes, we even tuned into the six episode season 10 of the series (alien stuff was mostly good, some of the other stuff was….interesting). We always knew that truth was out there. Now, we have The Complete X-Files: Revised and Updated Edition, a book that explores every aspect of the series.


In this coffee table book, we get a look at how the series came to be, a breakdown of each season of The X-Files, breaking down each episode of each season of the series and giving some behind the looks of the episodes and the movies and the backstories that relate to each aspect of the X-Files universe. After making my way through this tome, I only realize now how little I knew of the world of the X-Files, both within and the making of aspects of the shows and movies. For the average X-Files fan, this book is both a great coffee table book and a companion as you perhaps binge watch the X-Files. For the agent who knows all aspects of The X-Files, this book is an essential to your X-Files book collection and who know, maybe you’ll discover the consipracy behind the conspiracy of the truth.

The Complete X-Files: Revised and Updated Edition is out now and is available at all online book sellers and at your local book store.

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