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Funko Created Blink-182 POPs and Something is Missing

It’s happening you guys, the band that brought us the song ‘All The Small Things,’ is bringing something new to the table, and it involves a particular company that is going to make us lose a lot of money this summer.

Funko is bringing us, brand new Blink-182 Funko Pops! Only one thing is missing, or do we have to say, someone? Funko is bringing us a Pop that looks a lot like Travis Barker and another Pop that resembles Mark Hoppus with his classic and well known, pink Fender bass guitar. Travis, on the other hand, is sporting drumsticks and a hat in the same way he wears it himself. They even got the tattoos right!

There is no sight of vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba or even former vocalist Tom DeLonge. No one is sure why Blink-182 and Original Funko are releasing Pops, however, we are definitely not complaining. The only one that will be complaining about this new collectible is my bank account.

Are you buying a Blink-182 Pop!? Lets us know in the comment section below.

The Funko Pops! will be available in September.

No other announcements have been made about the Pops or the new upcoming album of Blink-182. A few weeks ago Mark Hoppus did talk about the new album and how it’s going to be more in the line as ‘Take off Your Pants and Jacket‘ and the Untitled record.