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‘Fresh Prince’ Actress Tatyana Ali Speaks Out about Will Smith Oscars Slap

Published on April 5th, 2022 | Updated on April 5th, 2022 | By FanFest

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘s Tatyana Ali is speaking out about Will Smith’s Oscars slap.

After a week to think about the distressing moment, Ali shared her feelings on what he did. She acknowledged that his behavior was wrong, but she still has faith in him.

“I love #WillSmith very much,” Ali tweeted on Sunday — one week after Smith slapped and cursed out stunned Oscars presenter Chris Rock for a G.I. Jane joke. “@chrisrock didn’t deserve to be hit. Period.”

Ali said her “heart aches for what has happened. I don’t know what caused that chaos & confusion, but I do know that Will has a big heart. I’ve seen him many times try his best to do what is right. I believe in him.”

She also shared the tweet on Instagram with the caption: “Took me a while to get my thoughts together. Right is right, wrong is wrong, and love is love.”

Being on the hit show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as a tween and teen was “a gift of a lifetime” for Ali. She appeared in HBO Max’s reunion in 2020, according to which she said that the former co-stars’ bond was renewed.

“After the reunion, we’re all on a group text, so that’s really fun,” she told Allure last year. She said they had “so much fun at the reunion. They just filmed us talking for two days straight.”

Ali has stayed close to Smith, regardless. She was at the Bel-Air prequel premiere in February, posing for photographs with Joseph Marcell, who played Geoffrey on the show, and Vernee Watson-Johnson, Will’s mother Vy.

She’s been a part of many Smith premieres, including Hancock and Seven Pounds. There have also been a lot of unofficial cast reunions throughout the years.

Last week, the Oscars launched an inquiry into Smith’s slap, which he claimed was provoked by Rock making a remark about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head. In 2018, Pinkett Smith revealed that she had been experiencing hair loss for some time.

Following the ceremony, Smith apologized to Rock, who has yet to respond. Smith resigned as an Academy member on Friday, stating that his actions were “painful and inexcusable.”

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