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‘Fortnite’ Season 8 Challenges – Week 7!

Published on April 18th, 2019 | Updated on April 18th, 2019 | By FanFest

(DISCLAMIER: With our site hack our Fortnite challenge walkthrough is a bit behind. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to get back on track with the week 8 challenges!)

What’s up Fortniters! We have made it to week 7 and we are closing in on that sweet sweet Ruin skin. This week has some definite toughies in it, but we will try our best to help get you through. Here are your week 7 challenges!

Free Challenges

  • Deal 100 damage with pickaxe to opponents

This one should not be too challenging, but it may require giving yourself up for damage. The pickaxe is the tool you use to gather materials, but it also does a bit of melee damage. If I am not mistaken it does 20 damage so only five hits are needed. You could drop to somewhere like Tilted Towers in solo and hope to get some before you die. I managed to do well in Team Rumble, where I just dropped in on someone’s head and started swinging until I got shot. Then I dropped and did it again and got the challenge.

  • Visit three Pirate camps in a single match

This one simply takes time. While it should be pretty easy given the camps are inward on the map and thus closer together, it is still a challenge. The easiest way would be to grab a Baller and roll your way to several camps. Besides this, I know we talk a lot about the team modes, but respawning is a big deal for a challenge like this as well as having freedom to explore without fear of being shot at.

  • (Stages) Visit Junk Junction and The Block in a single match

So this is an old challenge, but my brother and I found a new way to accomplish it. If you are playing solo, do it the old normal way off hoofing it from place to place, hoping maybe a vehicle may get you there faster. We discovered (and I get the feeling this will be patched) that if two players turn on their party assist function for this challenge, you can each land in the opposite spot and the challenge will complete. Super easy. Your first landings are above, followed by Pleasant Park and Dusty Divot, then Happy Hamlet and Snobby Shores.

Paid Challenges

  • Deal 500 damage from above

This one does not just sound simple, it is decently easy. Just get the high ground (you know who else had that, turned out pretty well for him) and shoot. You do not have to get eliminations which is great. A scoped assault or the Boom Bow would work great for this one, and if you know how to use a sniper that would be the weapon of choice. Playing in a Team mode will also give you the max chance of dealing the most amount of damage in a single match, even though you can do this in multiple.

  • Search seven chests at Loot Lake or Snobby Shores

Another day, another searching chests challenge. The same normal seven are at stake, and both locations seem to be always pretty packed with chests. Loot Lake will probably have a bit more guaranteed chests and well as some better loot, so depending on where the bus flies you may choose the furthest away.

  • (Stages) Deal damage while riding a zipline

This one sounds simple until you get to the second part of the challenge. The initial request is easy. Go to some ziplines, maybe get some people following you, and then shoot at them as soon as you jump on. Find the longest zipline you can for sure, and hanging around an Expedition Outpost (red building) will help. The second stage is really tough. You have to shoot someone riding a zipline. Obviously you cannot make anyone do that. A solo match will be your easiest option, and it would be best to land somewhere around The Block or between Sunny Steps and Retail Row.

  • Get five eliminations in named locations

This would be anywhere that has a name, like Dusty Divot or Lazy Lagoon. It may be an extra two eliminations, but at least you can just about do it wherever you would like. Once again, a Team mode will be useful, especially considering they usually happen around named locations and being able to respawn gives you an opportunity to be more aggressive in searching for enemies and attacking.

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