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‘Fortnite’ Season 8 Challenges – Week 2!

Published on March 13th, 2019 | Updated on March 15th, 2019 | By FanFest

Hello Fortniters! My apologies that this is incoming so late. I was sick last week and did not even get to do my usual channel video running down the challenges. In any case, I am feeling better and I would not feel right to write up your week three challenge rundown tomorrow without at least having a place for you to find your week two challenges. Here it goes!

Free Challenges

  • (Stages) Land at The Block

Stage challenge! You start out by heading towards the Block, which has moved this season to be west of the volcano and pirate ship with the map changes. From there you drop in another place each match, for a five match total required to finish these up. You will follow the Block with Dusty Divot, Polar Peak, Snobby Shores and Paradise Palms. Funny enough my brother and I figured out you can even get credit for landing after a respawn in a mode like Team Rumble.

  • Deal 200 damage to descending supply drops

This one is easy, and even easier considering one of the changes added to Fortnite. On the map now it will show where a supply drop is incoming. Simply look up to find the balloon it is attached to and start shooting. This one is simple although you do have to beat someone to it. The easiest way to get this one is to join a mode like Team Rumble where supply drops are plenteous.

  • Get three eliminations at Salty Springs or Haunted Hills

Another week, another elimination challenge *sigh*. Find three people in these two areas and get to shooting or throwing grenades or whatever you can do to take them out. Best done in a solo mode where you immediately get the elimination and do not just down them.

Battle Pass Challenges

  • (Stages) Gain 25 health from apples

Simple but effective. You just have to regain 25 health from eating apples lying around on the ground, of which Lonely Lodge may be your easiest area to search. Besides that you need to heal yourself 50 from a campfire and then 75 from a medkit. My brother and I have found dropping from a decent height can take away enough health to need healing without having to survive a fight, so do your research and give it a try.

  • Visit the furthest north, south, east, and west points of the map

This is another easier one, but harder to do in a match given the distance between them. Each spot has a little sign with it so that will make it a bit easier for you. Furthest north is above Junk Junction, furthest south is south of Lucky Landing, Furthest east is right below the abandoned mansion which is right above the desert biome, and furthest west is west of Snobby Shores. Easiest way to do this one would be in a Team Rumble match where you could explore without fear of being shot at on your side of the map.

  • Deal 100 damage to an opponent with the pirate cannon

They do not classify certain challenges is hard anymore, but this deserves it. I almost had this one twice. Anyway, find a cannon and shoot somebody. A good bet would be to try at the pirate camp above the pirate ship and hopefully fire down on people. Solo may be the way to go on this one so your ratio of hitting an opponent is higher.

  • Search a chest in three different named locations in a single match

This one is not easy but it is not as hard as it looks. I keep referring to Team Rumble as a go-to mode, but again, this mode helps you to have the freedom to explore without as much worry of being shot at. Depending on where you are dropping from, going to Lucky Landing and then to Happy Hamlet works. Then you can head to wherever the circle is and hope you find something along the way.

There it is people! Your week two challenges! Are you finished with yours yet? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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