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Former ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Star says it’s Changed

Fear The Walking Dead has recently gone under several changes to the main cast, including two of its main characters leaving. It also added three major characters, as well as Morgan played by Lennie James, who came over from The Walking Dead.

Michael Greyeyes played Qaletaqa Walker in Season three, and he says that he doesn’t recognize it from when he appeared on it, and beforehand. He was very surprised to see the show’s leading lady Maidson, played by Kim Dickens, leave this season as well.

“Before I worked on the show, I was a big fan of it and especially Kim. When I heard she had left the show, I was shocked. Sadly, with all the other departure[s] as well, I’ve lost the sense of it being the show I had first loved.”

This was his response on Twitter after being asked about what his thoughts in the departure of Kim Dickens.

Lisandra Tena who was co-star to Michael Greyeyes uttered the same thoughts recently in agreeance with a fan.

At the end of season three, Qaletaqa ventures north after saving Nick, played by Frank Dillane, who is no longer with the cast. He left this season to explore other acting avenues.

In Season Four, John and the Proctors are not mentioned. The dam explosion story is cleared up when It’s established that Madison helps her family and group settle at a baseball stadium.

The decision to kill of Madison was defended by showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss. They said it was intended to help further delve into emotion.

“Madison is the ultimate embodiment of hope. She’s someone who is selfless.” they said.

Now, the series its off running with its new beloved cast members, which include charming John Dorie played by Garret Dillahunt, mysterious Al (Maggie Grace), and June (Jenna Elfman). All have become fan favorites in the span of the fourth season, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any more.

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