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Heels: Former Arrow Star Stephen Amell Drops Heels Trailer For New Wrestling Series – You Have Failed This Ring!?

Published on May 3rd, 2021 | Updated on May 3rd, 2021 | By FanFest

I’m sure you all know Stephen Amell, the one who started the entire Arrowverse. Over eight seasons of Arrow, Amell defined himself as the definitive Green Arrow. His show is one of the main things that actually got me into comic books and turned me into a DC Comics fan. I still miss him as Oliver Queen, and the Arrowverse doesn’t feel the same without him. Still, he’s moved on and now we must too. He has a new show coming out that I’m incredibly excited to check out… literally just because he’s in it. I mean, his new show, Heels, doesn’t look too different from Arrow! Amell worked out like a beast to get in shape. He’ll be wearing skin-tight suits and engaging in well-choreographed fights against other costumed fighters. Yeah, that sounds pretty much like Arrow, doesn’t it? Just this time it’s about wrestling! Now former Arrow star Stephen Amell drops the Heels trailer for his new wrestling series! All I can think of him screaming “You have failed this ring!” Here’s the trailer so you can check it out!

It’s no secret that Stephen Amell is a huge wrestling fan. He’s known for going to wrestling events and he even participated in one! Back in 2015, he wrestled in an even for the WWE. He got pretty friendly with grappler Cody Rhodes who went on to appear in several episodes of Arrow. Heels, sadly, has nothing to do with the Arrowverse though. Heels was created by the Loki showrunner Michael Waldron and co-stars, Alexander Ludwig. He and Amell will be playing brothers in the new wrestling series.

It’s still far too early to tell how the show’s going to be, but I think it has promise! Amell is definitely competent when it comes to action series, and I think he’s quite a skilled actor. If he’s lucky maybe Heels will enjoy the same kind of success that Arrow did! We won’t have to wait long to find out since Heels will debut on Starz later this year. August 15, to be exact!

Are you excited about Heels? I’m glad that the former Arrow star decided to drop the Heels Trailer today.

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