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Five Beautiful Lyrics From Lea Michele’s Places Album

Published on May 2nd, 2017 | Updated on May 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

Lea Michele released her second studio album Places on April 28th and fans are still enthralled with the collection of songs. Lea is famous for writing about her experiences in life and love, but also putting her heart and soul into every single part of her career. From songwriting to performing and touring around the world – Lea loves her life and all the roads she’s taken to get where she is now.

From Glee to Broadway and her relationship with Cory Monteith up until the time of his tragic death – Lea has experienced more in her life so far than most people ever will. It’s made her stronger at the same time it’s made her vulnerable, and we’re incredibly lucky to be such massive fans of hers.

Places contains songs like ‘Love is Alive’ and ‘Hey You’ and even ‘Tornado’ – each tune taking on a different part of Lea’s persona. Some of them made us cry, some made us feel empowered, and some made us feel like, well, love is alive.

Here are 5 song lyrics from Places that stuck with us.

5. I know what I’m doing here 20/20 crystal clear
bring it on, bring it on I’m ready
You can steal my every tear keep them as a souvenir
Bring it on, bring it on I’m ready
Don’t make no mistake whatever comes my way
Let ’em know, I live for the Tornado

4. And so I, I never want to let you down you live so deep in the heart of me
I just need to tell you now all I want to do is make you proud

3. ‘Cause if I got you, if you got me we don’t need nothing else at all
Sleeping all day, driving all night looking for a place we want to go
Stole the night, now this world is ours, love
just us kids in a getaway car

2. It wakes me up at night needs to share its light
It doesn’t get how dark it is outside
Warms the rising sun it kisses everyone
It doesn’t remember the hate of yesterday
Oh, can’t you hear it in my voice
Oh, can’t you see it in my eyes
Love, love is alive in me

1. ‘Hey you, funny thing I found that old t-shirt we thought you lost it
It’s still the softest… you know it made me put on your favorite Radio Head song
It took me back to when we were driving down Laurel Canyon too fast you know you never slowed down…
The final days were the hardest I didn’t think they would be your last
hope you know I forgive you, give anything to get them back

 What are your favorite song lyrics from ‘Places’? Let us know.

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