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FIRST LOOK: Rock band ‘Time King’ Pays Homage to 20th Anniversary of ‘Final Fantasy VII’

Published on February 28th, 2017 | Updated on February 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

Gotta love a little bit of gaming and a little bit of rock n’ roll mixed together right?!

Founded by members Brandon Dove (guitar) and Shayne Plunkett (vocals/guitar), after meeting at a Berklee College of Music summer program, Time King has been actively carving a place for themselves in the prog rock scene. After months of virtual collaboration between Dove and Plunkett, through Skype, iMessage and any other means, in 2012 the band added vocalist Kalvin Rodriguez, bassist/producer James “Jimmy T” Meslin and drummer Matthew “Goose” Nazario to complete the Time King sound. While their initial releases landed them deals with NBC Universal and The USA Network, the band’s first official full-length release, 2015’s Suproe garnered praise from Huffington Post, Nerdist, Kill The Music and more.

We are giving you the first look at the band’s newest video and cover which pays homage to Final Fantasy VII. Check it out!

The band tells us that FF7 is near and dear to their hearts, “Not only does the game and Nobuo Uematsu’s soundtrack bring us back to wonderful memories, both continue to have an active influence (particularly musically) on what we do today. As a celebration of 20 years since AVALANCHE saved the planet, we wanted to contribute our own personal Time King rendition of the FF7 Victory Fanfare – the hippest battle victory music to date. We eagerly await the re-release like a bunch of antsy elementary school kids. Cheers to Square, Uematsu, and the entire FF community!”

Love what you hear? Find Time King at their official website!

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