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Published on March 15th, 2016 | Updated on March 15th, 2016 | By FanFest

The countdown clock has
reached single digits, with just 9 days
until the early showings of
Batman V Superman: Dawn of

everyone across the world is waiting to see the titans battle
it out. My best
hope is that
Wonder Woman shows up and smacks them both in the head, but we
shall see!
With all the footage and posters of
the DC Trinity released this year
we have no question that our superheroes
look wonderful. Though we know
will be in the film the role has been kept pretty hush hush, last
year Zac
Synder released a
teaser image of Momoa in costume from the waist up and that is
all we have


unite the seven image
revealed much about the character design, Momoa’s Aquaman
is not the pretty
boy Aurther Curry that we have
seen in the New 52. He looks
like a fierce contender in this world of tough
heroes. Let’s hope for the sake

of Bats and Sups that they don’t upset the King of the Sea too greatly,
look at
those guns I wouldn’t
want to fight him! From February of last year until
February of this year we
had not seen anything else of
Aquaman, that all changed
at ToyFair 2016! The annual event held in New York
at the start of each year

brings out toys for the upcoming year that toy companies are most excited
This year we got a
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Aquaman

He looks just as
fierce in small
plastic form as he does in the photo!
The tattoo’s are a nod to
the Polynesians culture that they are basing this
version of Aquaman on. The

shark teeth and arrow head symbolism have important meaning in the art of

Polynesian tribal tattooing
that has been happening for centuries. One of my
favorite aspects of the
casting of the DCCU is that they are
in many regards
breaking away from the typical versions of these characters
we have seen in the
which in my option is a fabulous step. It makes perfect sense to me that
King of Atlantis would be of
Polynesian decent! Like the Flash Aquaman’s
role in Batman V Superman is
unknown, which considering all we
know about the
movie is refreshing. All I can say is all hail the king!

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