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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Arrives This November! And It Looks AMAZING! The Trailer Is HYPE!

Published on May 18th, 2021 | Updated on May 18th, 2021 | By FanFest

Final Fantasy XIV is arguably the most popular MMORPG in the entire world right now. It’s been stealing World Of Warcraft players for years now and for good reason. Shadowbringers was critically acclaimed, also for good reason. Now a new expansion is coming, Endwalker, and it looks just as good. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker arrives this November and it looks AMAZING!

The expansion was initially revealed far earlier, but a digital event revealed far more about the expansion. The Final Fantasy XIV digital fanfest was this past weekend, and we learned all the juicy news about the upcoming Expansion. Including a release date, a fancy new trailer, new races, and a new job!

It was at the very beginning of the presentation, during the keynote address delivered by Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, that the release date was revealed. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will hit us this upcoming November. You can log in on November 23, 2021, and play the new expansion. Provided you’ve purchased it of course!

This isn’t just any expansion, this expansion’s story is going to be absolutely insane. This expansion should end the storyline that has been building since 2.0 many, many years ago. We’ll finally see the end of the Zodiark and Hydaelyn saga. We’ll have tons of new cities and zones to explore, too!

What’s one of the most exciting parts of any new MMO expansion, though? That’s right my friends! The new jobs/classes and Naoki Yoshida did NOT disappoint us there! The new job, Reaper, was revealed and I think there’s a ton of hype surrounding it.

All in all, it’s safe to say this Expansion is going to kick ass. Shadowbringers was absolutely riveting from beginning to end and if Square Enix can keep it up with Endwalker, we’re in for possibly the best MMO expansion of all time.

At any rate, I will be seeing all of you in Eorzea on November 23, let’s end this fight with Garleans.


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