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Final Fantasy Mobile Games Offer Holiday Rewards

Published on December 20th, 2019 | Updated on December 20th, 2019 | By FanFest

It looks like Square Enix is trying to spread the holiday cheer! Several of the mobile Final Fantasy titles are launching into their respective holiday events! This means there’s a ton of new Final Fantasy content for fans of the free mobile games! I’ve got all the info coming up below for each respective title!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the first title up on our list. This game is a personal favorite of mine, allowing you to go through an honest-to-goodness FF story. It offers turn-based combat along with all the usual mobile game stuff. If you want to pick this one up you can do so on the App Store or the Google Play Store. The event is live now. Here’s what you can expect from this year’s ‘Save Your Elf’ event!

  • Holiday units.
  • ‘Elf Off The Shelf’ Event Boss which offers various in-game rewards.
  • New rewards starting December 26th with the trial boss ‘Elf Off His Rocker’.
  • Beginning on December 23rd past holiday units will be returning.
  • Event active until January 1st, 2020
Levinson CR:Square Enix

Mobius Final Fantasy

Next up is Mobius Final Fantasy. This is probably the nicest game, graphics-wise, of the three. It’s available on the App Store, Google Play Store and is even available in HD on Steam! This one starts on December 21st and runs until January 14, 2020.

  • ‘Messengers of Hope 2019’ – By participating in this limited-time quest you can earn Christmas Stars which lead to in-game rewards
  • Fans can share holiday-themed screenshots on the Mobius Final Fantasy social channels. In-game rewards will be distributed based on how many screenshots were submitted
  • From December 22nd to December 31st, players can enjoy double stamina recovery from Elixirs, and if players bring along ‘Faerie Queen Echo’ obtained at the beginning of ‘Christmas: The Messengers of Hope 2019’, players will also receive Extra Skill unlock rate bonuses.
Faerie Queen Echo CR: Square Enix

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

The final title hosting holiday events is the Dissidia Final Fantasy spin-off! DFFOO offers a story that brings together characters from several Final Fantasy games! For instance, Cloud, Lightning, and Squall are all present from their respective games. This one is also available on the App Store as well as the Goole Play Store. The Winter Festival will be available for the remainder of 2019, which has a ton of new stuff such as:

  • Your first Multi-Draw will be free on three select banners
  • ‘A Gigantic Winter’ Co-op Quests against Santa Gigantuar is available
  • A holiday currency can be exchanged for in-game rewards and collected through co-op quests.
  • Limited time daily missions
  • Winter Chocobo Panel Missions
  • Holiday stickers are available to purchase with Dissidia Points
  • Gems are on sale
  • A new story chapter featuring FFXIV characters is available now!

Up to 60% off Select Square Games

If all of that wasn’t enough you can also find a bunch of Square Enix Mobile games on sale. Some of the greats like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII are on sale on their respective mobile platforms. This is a great chance to scoop up some great games for a low price.

All of this should keep Final Fantasy Mobile Game fans plenty busy this holiday season. I’d hurry up, however, as these events won’t be here forever. Which holiday event are you most looking forward to and which of these games do you play?

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