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Final Fantasy I-III Pixel Remaster Released With Official Trailer!

Published on July 29th, 2021 | Updated on July 29th, 2021 | By FanFest

Final Fantasy is back… kind of. Square Enix announced during E3 that they were releasing the original six games one more time! They’re referring to them as pixel remasters, so they’re keeping the charm of the original sprite based releases. Final Fantasy I-III Pixel Remaster were released along with an official trailer on Thursday!

Final Fantasy I, II and III are the three earliest games of the series. All three were originally released on the NES Entertainment System a loooong time ago. Final Fantasy I and II have been re released several times. Even FFIII has had a few releases.

It’s important to note, though, that this is the first time North American fans can play a version of Final Fantasy III that isn’t in 3D. The only release of Final Fantasy III we’ve gotten out here is the one that originally came out on the Nintendo DS. Of course, it’s been ported to Steam by now as well.

Even though since sounds like a dream come true for retro video game players, Square Enix has a terrible history with ports. Especially as it relates to the Final Fantasy series. The previous releases on Final Fantasy V and VI had some serious graphical hiccups.

Even these newest releases have been torn apart because of some seriously wonky text. It’s really a shame, because these are some amazing games. They each deserve a spot in the RPG hall of fame for what they accomplished. Hopefully, as more players play these releases we find out it’s not all bad. They do look quite good!

These are meant to really pay homage to the originals. That means that none of these pixel remasters feature any of the additional content these games have gotten over the years. No extra dungeons, or anything like that. Instead they just look and sound amazing, except for the font…

Final Fantasy I and II have a price of $11.99 on the IOS app store and Google Play store. If you want you can also purchase all six games on Steam for one price, though the last three games won’t be unlocked until later.

Will you be playing Final Fantasy I-III?

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as seen on promo graphic