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‘Final Destination’: The Fear Inducing Franchise

Published on October 5th, 2018 | Updated on October 5th, 2018 | By FanFest

The Final Destination franchise has been inducing irrational fears within us for almost twenty years now. For over a decade, the franchise has reminded us that one cannot cheat death and that inevitably death’s plan will come into focus. Throughout the years these films have shown us many unorthodox ways that people can die. They have taken our greatest fears and made those fears deeper and darker. As irrational, or rational, Final Destination influenced these fears further by this amazing horror franchise.

John Denver Music

This is probably the most irrational fear of all, especially since I like listening to John Denver. However, any time I hear Rocky Mountain High randomly I tend to get overly paranoid and take in my surroundings. I become far more aware of everything around me the moment that song comes on. To make matters worse I always replay the various deaths in the original film as I’m taking in my surroundings. I cannot help but view all the objects as potential tolls death can use against me. Hide all the everyday objects and John Denver’s Greatest Hits and we have an extra chance at life.

Roller Coasters

The first time I rode a roller coaster after watching Final Destination 3 I screamed before the coaster made it up the first hill. There track made an insanely loud popping sound and my heart practically jumped out of its chest. I found comfort that my friend screamed too. However, I’m still not sure if this was because of my scream or not. Either way when the tracks on a coaster make any unidentified noises I immediately want to get off. Another time I was not fastened in all the way and royally freaked out because they were about to start the ride without checking. Check your passengers! I love coasters, but my fear while riding them is far greater now than the first time I ever rode one.

Tanning Beds

While I have never been to a tanning bed, I cannot say this franchise made me want to go. My cousin still likes to remind me that I’m the reason she fears the tanning bed now. I still insist her walking in during that particular scene in the film is not my fault. She also revealed that she has attempted to tan standing, but still could not bring herself to believe was not stepping into her own death sentence. With many signs, literally, within Final Destination urging the characters but nothing will get me to walk away from an area faster than viewing a sign similar to the one above.

Log Trucks

Every single time I approach a log truck I switch lanes. When I am in the passenger seat and those driving do I ask them to switch lanes. I cannot comprehend why anyone would want to remain behind a log truck. I’m unsure of the statistics, but in my mind these accidents happen all the time. I am positive that if I were to take the time to look up these statistics some of that fear would subside. I’m also positive that I would still avoid log trucks every time I found myself approaching one despite any statistic on my side.


I will say that this franchise is not entirely responsible for fear. The Mothman Prophecies (2002) is partly to blame for this fear too. While most of the bridges near me are not suspended bridges like the ones in these films, the bridge that collapsed in Atlanta last year does help my fear. Plus, each day on my way home from work I pray that I will not get stuck on a particular bridge near my house that overlooks part of the Chattahoochee River. The idea of going into the water while in my car still is absolutely terrifying. Add to the urban legends about a bridge near my home and my fear of bridges was part destiny, part watching the above gif repeatedly.


Many people have a fear of airplanes. It’s a common fear. While this is not necessarily a fear of mine, as I have never had the reason or opportunity to fly, I understand this fear. Plus the only reports were hear about on the news are plane crashes. We never hear reports of the thousands of plans that make their journeys successfully. If I ever were to fly and any omen fell over me I would want to exit the plane. When everything around someone begins to mirror their premonition it is time to exit the plane. No one who can blame Alex for his outbursts and would have done the same in his shoes. Though I’m hoping for more intervention such as a cancellation of a flight instead. I would like to remain omen free.

Car Washes

When I was younger I remember going to the car wash was a treat. I also enjoyed the idea of having a car with sunroof. This desire has left the building because now I see those cars as death traps. First the sunroof doesn’t close. Then the sunroof encloses around Janet’s neck! While part of me cannot help but think that she should have never attempted to get out via the sunroof in the first place I understand her will to survive. If anyone was in the same situation I imagine they would to the same thing. while she does not die at that point within the film this has not lessened my fear over the years and made me avoid similar car washes as if they were the plague.

Laser Eye Surgery

Image result for final destination eye surgery gif

For some time now I have had a fear of anything going near my eye. I hate making eye doctor’s appointments on the years I know my eyes will need dilation, the device they have that flutters against the eyeball, and the test where air gets blown into my eye. I have never related to a character’s fear in a horror movie as much as I did in Final Destination 5. I could not even tolerate watching them get her eye set up for the surgery. I realize that this is not the way Olivia passes on in the series, but nothing about this scene that has me wanting to give up my glasses anytime soon. I will continue to protect my eyes, hands, and stay far away from all lasik surgery centers.

3D Movies

During The Final Destination Janet’s determination to make it to her movie knows no bounds. As an avid movie goer the scene that takes place during the 3D feature was particularly cruel because initially the only way one could see The Final Destination was in 3D. What occurs in the film? The storage area behind the screen exploding and killing audience members during an explosion sequence on the screen.  Most films marketed for 3D are of course action and horror films.  Disney offers this every now and then as well, but primarily the movies that could make one witness their death as they see a building exploding directly into the audience. Needless to say this made me pro the standard film format.


Many people I know are not fans of elevators.  There many nuances to this particular fear. Some involve other phobias that makes being stuck in an elevator unbearable. Instead I have developed a fear of exiting elevators.  At my last job a specific elevator would drop slightly and bounce back up into place.  Unless I could ride up or down on the other elevator I took the stairs.  I became grateful that I only had to walk up one flight as opposed to many flights.  This particular scene also makes me grateful my hair is now short enough that a braid will not be my downfall.

Now the questions remain. Which Final Destination death has frightened you the most? What irrational fear have you acquired from the franchise over the years? Make sure to let us know in the comments below. Also, remember if death skips you there’s an important question you must ask.


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