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Final Child releases ‘Happy Ending’ Music Video

We are still congratulating Jennifer Akerman on her engagement to Tom Payne (AKA Jesus on The Walking Dead) but we should also congratulate her on the release of her new music video! Check it out above!

Ackerman is the lead singer of the band Final Child which she describes as being “a lot more personal” and almost like therapy to her.

She debuted “Happy Ending” in Atlanta in October (which was also Final Child’s debut concert) at the Drunken Unicorn and the entire room fell in love with the love song. The song is catchy and unique while being incredibly heartfelt and romantic all at the same time. The video is comprised of personal footage from Akerman’s childhood with videos of her and Payne. The entire music video is charming and unique, just like Akerman’s music.

“Final Child is my attempt to tell you my stories and I hope Happy Ending explains some of them. I hope y’all enjoy the video,” said Akerman in a recent Instagram post promoting the video and Payne’s birthday.

Akerman also recently posted that Final Child will be performing in LA and that shows will be announced very soon.