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Figuring Out The WandaVision Story Wasn’t Easy

Published on February 1st, 2021 | Updated on February 1st, 2021 | By FanFest

WandaVision is nearly halfway through its season and continues to bring new surprises and confusing revelations. The newest episode, “We Interrupt This Program” ditched the sitcom format to gives us some answers instead of new questions. This was definitely a change of pace from what we’ve seen so far and a welcome one, but we still have a lot to figure out. Why is Wanda doing this? Is Vision actually alive? Are her kids even real? How is S.W.O.R.D going to stop her? All these questions should be revealed over the course of the next five weeks and MCU fans are excited for all the reveals to come. As confused as we are figuring out the WandaVision story wasn’t easy for the showrunner, either.

“I think that when we were breaking the story, it was really hard. We had a lot of goals. There were a lot of different levels. I have a lot of memories. When I think about the early stages of breaking it – I remember a lot of headaches, and just being like, ‘How do we hold this all in? We had so many different systems and color coding and formats to make it all work. And the decision-making of what’s too much? What’s gilding the lily? What’s not enough? All of those early development decisions are really hard.”

That sounds like quite the headache, don’t you think? It seems to be paying off though because the closer we get to the endgame (haha, get it) the more interesting the show becomes. There are so many theories out there that one of them is bound to be right.

You can catch a new WandaVision episode every single Friday on the Disney+ streaming service. The week following the final episode of WandaVision we’re expecting Falcon and Winter Soldier to debut.

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