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The FIFA World Cup Will Call North America Home for #United2026

Published on June 16th, 2018 | Updated on June 16th, 2018 | By FanFest

While it may be hard for soccer fans to look ahead to 2026, big news broke this week that made us look into the sort of distant future. While the 2018 World Cup is happening now in Russia, the host nation for 2026 has been revealed.

The hashtag is #United2026 as the World Cup makes its way to host cities in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

The news was announced on the 13th and fans have been excited about the decision ever since. It’s something fans in North America have been looking forward to, or rather, hoping for.

A Twitter account already exists for the big event which allows fans to keep up to date with all things United 2026.

It’s safe to say that fans will be reliving that moment for a long time. We know that we will. We’ve not been lucky enough to make it to a World Cup game before and we aren’t ashamed to admit that we’re already putting back money to save up for a number of them when the cup graces US soil in 2026.

You can keep up with all things 2018 World Cup on the FIFAWorldCup Twitter account, now.


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