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FFVII Remake Intergrade Exclusive To PS5 For 6 Months

Published on May 8th, 2021 | Updated on May 8th, 2021 | By FanFest

We got a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade in the last couple of days, and it was seriously amazing. It showed off what looks to be some new features in the base game and gave us a look at the upcoming Yuffie expansion. The game looks amazing on the PS5 and the Yuffie trailer looks intense. We’ve now learned that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergreade is going to be exclusive to the PS5 for at least 6 months. Yep, the FFVII Remake Intergrade is exclusive to PS5 for 6 months!

The original Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 was also an exclusive, for a year. The exclusivity on that version has lapsed though, allowing Square Enix to publish it on whatever platform they may wish. The trailer gave us a good idea of what the game will look like on PS5 and more details on the Yuffie episode story. It’s at the end of this trailer that the Intergrade version of the remake is also a temporary exclusive.

As of the moment of this article being published, Square Enix has not confirmed the release of FFVIIRI on any platform that does not belong to Sony. This extends to both the original PS4 version and the new PS5 version.

This might seem disappointing to fans everywhere, but we advise you to not get too upset. The reality is that with the wording in the newest trailer, it makes it obvious the game is coming to other platforms. You may only have another half a year to wait before seeing Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC!

The six-month exclusivity deal would have it ending sometime in December, which is smack dab in the middle of the holidays. Maybe that can be Square’s Christmas gift to non Playstation owners. If I got Final Fantasy VII Remake for Christmas, I know I’d be pretty damn happy.

If you need any more reason to be excited for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, let us help you out. It’s been confirmed that the ending to Intergrade, specifically the Yuffie episode, will lead directly into Final Fantasy VII Remake part II! You gotta get ready for that, right?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be available on Playstation 5 as of June 10th!




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