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Notable February Funko Releases

Published on January 29th, 2019 | Updated on January 28th, 2019 | By FanFest

February is poised to be another hard-hitting month for the figure juggernaut. Some of the brand’s February releases have already been highlighted in my past Funko news articles (i.e. Britney Spears, Sour Patch Kids, Peeps, Michael Jordan, etc…), but here are some lines without previous address:

          Funko — KFC

First up, Funko added another company mascot to its growing line of food nostalgia.  Yes, I am sure many collectors are aware that the king of Kentucky Fried Chicken will soon be released in Pop! form, and the Colonel Sanders pre-sale numbers have been strong.  In fact, Amazon sold out rather quickly and remains that way for the time being.  Don’t worry, here is a link with some pre-orders still available.  Also, rumor has it that there will be different versions of the Colonel based on various celebrities to helm the role over the last couple of years; however, I have yet to find a reputable source confirm said information.


                          Funko — Toy Story

The next line features one of my all-time favorite film franchises: Toy Story. Some of Andy’s favorite toys (Woody, Buzz, Hamm, and Rex) have already been featured in an initial line a few years back commemorating the film’s 20th anniversary. The second wave will give fans more iconic characters in the form of Slink, Bo Peep, Wheezy, RC, Bullseye (exclusive flocked available), and Buzz as Mrs. Nesbitt.  The whole tea party scene featuring Mrs. Nesbitt is one of my favorite Buzz/Woody scenes in the entire franchise, so that Pop! will be on my shelf.  The RC/Woody Pop! may not be released until late February/early March, but the others should be hitting stores within the next week or so.  Here is a link for ordering.

    Funko — Billy Idol


Funko will continue adding musicians to its already illustrious band of rock legends with the February release of British punk rocker Billy Idol.  The “Rebel Yell” singer will be featured in his iconic black leather jacket pose supporting a variety of cross jewelry to complete that straight-from-the-80s look. Order here.



     Funko — Chilling                 Adventures…

For all of you who have been on a Netflix-binge to catch up with America’s chillingly charming teenage witch, this next Pop! is anything but ordinary.  Sabrina Spellmen and her feline friend Salem will be hitting the shelves sometime in mid-February.  For one reason or another, this Pop! really hasn’t received a lot of attention despite the show’s strong numbers on Netflix.  Regardless, here is a link to scare up a pre-order.


 Funko — Modern Family

The Pritchett clan of ABC’s Modern Family will be hitting collectors like a plane in the face early this month after some confusion about an initial release date.  In fact, some retailers received shipment as early as December, but the entire line will be largely available this month. Gloria will be getting a leopard dress chase version that falls 1 every 6 boxes, so you shouldn’t have an issue picking one up at a decent price.  Cam and Mitch will also get an exclusive double pack at Target, but one should note that the poses are not expected to be unique to the exclusive.  You won’t have to cascade down a pipe in a Spider-Man suit to get these Pop!s if you click this link.


As always, it is important to remember that Funko releases can arrive early or late, and as many Pop! enthusiasts know, such uncertainty can cause some headaches.  The lines above could have hit stores in some regions already (i.e. Modern Family), but the majority of stores/online retailers will get stock this month.  Happy collecting!


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