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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Will Be Surviving for Another Season!

Published on April 15th, 2016 | Updated on | By FanFest

Looks like AMC can’t get
enough of Robert Kirkman’s apocalyptic
universe. After only airing one episode of season 2,
AMC announced that
‘Fear the
Walking Dead’ will be getting a season 3.

You don’t usually
this kind of news so quickly, and
with the ratings being ok, it is a bit
surprising to hear this renewal
happen so early. With that being said,
I think
this is going to be a great thing for the show.

With the
knowledge of a
third season on
the horizon, I think that ‘Fear’s’ showrunner, Dave Erikson,
and their
team of writers can give us a great
story, with lots of meaty
character development and walker kills. There is
no need to rush anything. We

can get a good look at life immediately following the ZA and how this
group of survivors
learns the new ways of the world.

So, congratulations
to the cast and
crew of Fear the Walking Dead!
We are very happy to keep you
around for another season!

What do you
think, are you happy to see that

Kirkman’s world of walkers will be around for season 3?

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