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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: “The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now” [Recap]

Published on June 4th, 2018 | Updated on June 4th, 2018 | By FanFest

***Warning, SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT, If you have not yet watched the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead and DO NOT want to know what happens before watching, TURN BACK NOW.***

With the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead just one week away, we are finally finding out what happened at the stadium. Last week, we surprisingly discovered that Naomi is still alive but perhaps playing both sides, (We still don’t know) and we are waiting on pins and needles to see if she can save John who shielded her from being shot by Alicia.


John is shot but comes to after having flashbacks about his time with Naomi at the cabin. The two groups are fighting in the background. Naomi is trying to help him and runs for a medical kit. Mel tells the Vultures to retreat and he rides off on his own. Naomi chases after him but Alicia blows up the truck with Mel and medical supplies inside.

Richard Foreman Jr./AMC

Morgan convinces Al to stop filming and save John. Just before Alicia is about to take down Naomi, Al and Morgan pull up in the SWAT van with the SWAT guns pointed directly at her. Before they leave, Morgan convinces Charlie to leave with them telling her Mel is gone. Naomi directs Al to the stadium because she knows there are still supplies available.

Naomi finds the tin with scrabble letters that John has held on to while searching for her. Morgan tells her that he never gave up on her. Al asks her what she did to them to make the stadium fall and Charlie replies that it wasn’t Naomi’s fault, it was hers.

-Ummm…Hello? Creepy little girls!-

Alicia, Strand, and Luciana find a useable truck and decide to head to the only place they believe there would be medical supplies…the stadium. Alicia sees Mel crawling and severely burned. She asks him how long Naomi has been with them but he can’t answer. He reaches for her in an attempt that she might help him. She decides that it doesn’t matter and viciously kills him.

-I am not totally sure if I am happy or sad about this, yet.-



Madison and crew have begun replanting crops when Charlie comes and begs them for help. She takes them to the bus. Mel is injured with broken ribs after swerving to avoid a walker. (He must have gotten driving lessons from Lori) They decide to take him back to the stadium against Nick’s advice who thinks it may be a trap.

-Ya think?-

Mel wakes up at the stadium and asks for Charlie. He tells them that they have to leave because it’s not safe for them there. Mel tells Madison that Ennis is headed to flush them out of the stadium but that the Vultures are not who they need to worry about. Victor and Cole return from a scouting run with a number of flags indicating how many walkers were captured my Ennis at that location. Believing that Mel is telling the truth, Madison prepares for a horde of a couple thousand walkers.

Mel tries to convince Naomi to join them and leave. He plays on the fact that she knows that the stadium won’t last and is not safe. She later pleads with Madison to leave but Madison refuses believing that they can handle anything that comes their way. Coming to the conclusion that Mel is only there to turn her group against her from the inside, she lets Mel go without Charlie. Surprisingly, everyone disagrees with her and asks her to reconsider sending him out injured. She orders the gate open and Mel begs her to let Charlie go too and to not hold on to something that is already gone.

Later that night, Nick and Alicia go out to find him. They come across him nearly passed out on the side of the road. Before they can head back, they watch as Ennis’ convoy of walkers heads towards the stadium. Alicia warns Strand and puts everyone on high alert.

Waiting for the convoy to arrive, they watch as a sole ice cream truck circles the front of the stadium trailing what looks to be oil. It stops yards from the front gates. Alicia, Nick, and Mel arrive soon after. Alicia refuses to enter believing it may be a trap to get them to open the gates. The convoy begins to roll in and line up. Ennis and his group begin releasing the walkers from inside. The trail of oil is set on fire, attracting the walkers towards it and also surrounding Alicia, Nick, and Mel in the truck. Victor notices that the walkers are also covered in oil.

-That can’t be good.-

Richard Foreman Jr./AMC

Madison demands the gate open to go save her children. Victor and Luciana decide to help her. Over the radio, Alicia apologizes for leaving to save Mel but tells her it was the right thing to do. The gate opens and Madison stands there confronted by flames.


Passing the burned out ice cream truck, the SWAT van finally arrives at the stadium. Naomi convinces them to push on. Hesitantly, Al plows through the gates and the van comes to a stop. as the dust and smoke clears, they find themselves surrounds by scorched walkers.

WOW…I am so ready for next week’s mid-season finale. Hopefully, we will finally get to see everything that causes the stadium to fall and maybe a clue to what happened to Madison? She is still obviously absent from the “NOW” timeline. We also still need to know how Naomi becomes involved with the Vultures and how this is all Charlie’s fault?

Fear the Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 pm on AMC.




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