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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Teases New Threats In Just Released Season 3 Images

Published on May 6th, 2017 | Updated on May 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

****** WARNING…This article may contain spoilers from Fear the Walking Dead******

As we all anticipate the new season of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, we are also nervously waiting to see what is in store for our survivors. Set in the same universe as The Walking Dead but months before Rick wakes up in the hospital, we last left Travis, Madison and Alicia searching for Nick, while Nick, Luciana and the rest of the survivors from La Colonia came under attack at the border.

AMC just released new images of the upcoming season. Check them out below.

Earlier this year, former Teen Wolf alum, Daniel Sharman was announced as a series regular. He will play the roll of Troy and is described as having a “wild temperament.” In the recently released trailer, Madison stabs Troy in the eye, at some point, so it is probably safe to say that she feels that he will be some sort of threat to her and her family.

Somewhere along the course of the season, Madison and Nick are reunited. One of the images shows them battling the dead side-by-side. Travis is also seen carrying an injured Luciana. Hopefully, it’s not life threatening.

Ofelia’s journey is the one I am most excited to see. She left the group after losing both her parents, to go off on her own and feeling like she didn’t belong. While on her own, she encounters a new group. She looks like she adapted quite easily to this new world. At the beginning of the series she seemed quiet, timid and a bit fragile. But as the show progressed, we found that she was anything but that. I think she’s Fear’s version of Carol Peletier.

And what of Strand? Well if you remember, he stays behind at the hotel after Travis, Madison and Alicia leave. From the looks of one of the images, he meets up with another group, but from the trailer, he is seen being held over the side of either a bridge or a dam and we also see someone falling. Not sure if it’s Strand or not but if it is, what did he do now to piss someone off?

No matter who our survivors meet up with or where they end up, we can be sure that they will have to be fighting off the dead at every turn….maybe even the living too.

Fear the Walking Dead returns for its third season on June 4th at 9/8c on AMC.


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