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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Stars On Taking Swim Tests For Season 2

Published on April 12th, 2016 | Updated on April 12th, 2016 | By FanFest

AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking
’ sailed off into its second
season with our survivors heading out
to sea, fleeing from a burning
and zombie
infested Los Angeles.

For the
actors, this meant tons of training and prep work before
shooting began. There
are several
safety measures to take into consideration when filming in a non-
environment so, the cast had to
go through swim assessments prior to

The Hollywood
spoke with some of
the cast members about their preparations for wading into the
water for
season 2 filming.

Kim Dickens,
who plays female lead, Madison
Clark, said:

“There’s all kinds of
water safety stuff to go through
you’re working on the water and none of us knew we’d be doing a swim

assessment test with the
stunt people. It was a nightmare! It was freezing in
the pool at night and
dark and it was an endurance

Alycia Debnam-
Carey (who plays Madison’s daughter, Alicia)

“We all
had to prove we could swim in our
first week there. We had to do a
training day
and it was terrible. It was pitch black, at night, in a
freezing pool and it was
more to see
how well we dealt under pressure but it was horrific! It was not
fun; it was
so scary. But now that they know
we can swim, we hope we don’t have

Alicia proved she can swim.
Now, if she will only stay off
of that
radio! In the season premiere, she may have given away their
location to a
group of hostiles on
the high seas (would they be considered pirates,

imminent danger in the near future for
the group, those swim
assessments may come in handy sooner rather than
later. Colman Domingo (who
Victor Strand) said:

“All of the characters will have an
with the water in some way, shape
or form.”

Grab your life
vests! Season 2 is setting up to

be a wavy ride! You can read our recap of the season premiere, ‘Monster’, right here. And check
out a sneak peek of next week’s
episode here.

Be sure to watch ‘Fear the Walking

Dead’ Sundays at 9pm EST



Images: AMC

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