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Fear The Walking Dead Spin-Off Still Coming!

Published on July 7th, 2021 | Updated on July 7th, 2021 | By FanFest

Fear The Walking Dead had a pretty grim season this year. The season ended with nuclear bombs going off, which is sure to change the landscape of The Walking Dead forever. When Fear The Walking Dead returns, we’ll now be dealing with nuclear zombies! However, we also know that the Fear The Walking Dead spin-off is still coming!

So, as most of us know by now, the end of Fear The Walking Dead‘s season was not a happy one. The last couple of episodes involved our favorite characters making their way through a submarine to try and stop the bombs from dropping. They failed, in the end, and Teddy succeeded.

Something that people were surprisingly interested in is what happened to the people who worked on the submarine? Well, AMC has us covered, folks! They have a spin-off series called Dead In The Water which will be an all-digital series about the crew of the submarine.

Both Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss are going to be working on the digital series, and Scott Gimple is attached in some capacity as well. This makes sense considering he pretty much controls everything The Walking Dead on AMC.

Dead In The Water isn’t the first digital series that is being spun off from Fear The Walking Dead. Believe it or not, it will actually be the fourth! Remember, these aren’t mean to be huge things, they’re just here to help elaborate on the world of The Walking Dead.

Goldberg confirmed the spin-off is still coming, via on a Twitch Livestream. He wouldn’t give too many details, because obviously, he wants to leave what happens a surprise, but here is what he did have to say.

“A little bit of this has leaked out into the news, but we are working on telling the backstory of the USS Pennsylvania. I can’t say much other than we’re figuring it out right now. We have a story, we have a script, and we’re just putting the pieces in place. It’s something that we very much hope to make happen and soon because there’s a really cool story of how that crew that we met in Episode 615 [‘USS Pennslyvania’] met that fate, and a few other pieces of the mythology. I won’t say too much beyond that, but I think it’ll be really cool.”

With that being said we don’t have a release date for the Fear The Walking Dead spin-off. Yet.



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