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Fear The Walking Dead: Series Not Done With The CRM – Tying All The Shows Together Are More Crossovers Possible?

Fear The Walking Dead has been really good this season! It’s so good, in fact, that I think it’s better than The Walking Dead, currently! That’s excluding the amazing Here’s Negan finale that wrapped up season 10 recently. That episode could potentially lead to a whole Negan spin-off, which would just be delightful. The shows have very rarely crossed over and when they have it’s mostly been a character going over. Just like Morgan and Dwight did, since they’re both now on Fear The Walking Dead. Now, The Walking Dead: World Beyond is being referenced in Fear The Walking Dead. Sunday’s episode saw the characters find a map that had the CRM logos on it. The Civic Republican Military is a mysterious organization that seems to be pretty well set up. And it looks like some folks are going after CRM Drop Points and Althea is off to try and stop them! I guess the series is not done with the CRM!

“It definitely is something that caught Al’s attention and kind of recontextualized the episode where she was in the tower and she thought the rats that had the plague were just there by happenstance, or that Teddy was targeting the people who lived in the tower. But now she’s realizing that he actually had larger plans and he was targeting these people in the helicopter,” co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss told EW. “Now he might not know who the CRM is, but when you see people in helicopters, you know that you can probably exact some destruction on them.”

“And I think on a more personal level, what it does for Al is it makes her realize that she’s got to act, she can’t kind of wait and see what happens. She can’t sit by and accept that something could happen to Isabelle,” Chambliss added. “So that’s why at the end of the episode she kind of makes that decision to go off and warn her, even though she knows trying to make contact with someone from the CRM could result in her own death. So it really speaks to kind of the way her feelings for Isabelle are sticking with her, even after all this time.”

Are you worried about how long it might take to see this storyline progress? Don’t worry too much, since co-showrunner Ian Goldberg spoke about just that.

“It won’t be too long. We won’t say exactly, but we will check back in on it and we’re excited for the next chapter there.” he said. series done with the CRM


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