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Morgan and Beer are the Keys to Survival in ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season Four Finale

Published on October 1st, 2018 | Updated on October 1st, 2018 | By FanFest

Fear The Walking Dead has had an eventful season, beginning with the crossover of Morgan (Lennie James) from The Walking Dead to the spin-off series. The transformation of Morgan to the show was very successful, and with his addition, three new characters were also added. Two main characters (Nick and Madison) also left the show within the midst of all of it, and then a few more jumped into the gang. Alicia is now the last Clark surviving in the world, and she went through her own transformation. She befriended and forgave young troubled Charlie, who killed Nick and whose actions led to the death of her mother. Over the back half of the season, Alicia struggled to pull herself out of a dark time and tried to remember that Charlie wasn’t really evil, she was only like this because of her terrible upbringing, and bad role models.

She is able to take a page from Morgan, who once went through an identical journey with him emotions. Kill everyone, or spare and forgive.

The season 4 finale left fans reflective of those events, and watching a show for those new characters. It’s almost as if the show was magically switched out before our eyes.

The finale went back and forth between the group being separated and returning to rescue the rogue member. The goal was to stay together, even if that meant getting into some tricky situations.

The finale was very Morgan focused. Over the course of the season, he has obviously become very important to each and every character on the show. From Sarah (Mo Collins) continuing to call him by his pet name “Mo-Mo”, to his mentor-like relationship with Alicia, he has left his mark on each of them. The group sacrifices their own safety to rescue him over and over again as well.

In the penultimate episode, Jimbo reveals he is bitten. In a dramatic finale scene with parting words via walkie talkie, he ends up heroically diving off of a building to his premature death in order to cause a distraction for walkers, to get Morgan down and reunited with the group after he stays behind the first time.

His own inner battle with his old self comes back to life. The episode turns from heroic tragedy, to tireless battle between Morgan and Martha-the woman who has been baiting apocalyptic survivors to play her own sick, mental game.

Morgan splits with the group yet again (to their confusion) to turn around and save the dying woman, and she uses the last of her strength to keep him from going back to the truck stop. He tries his hardest to get her to change her mind about the way she’s living-kill or be killed. She’s too far gone, and she traps him. She’s been bitten, and either he’s going to have to kill her and become the person he has worked so hard to escape, or let her kill him.

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Throughout the episode, Martha’s growing weaker, but that doesn’t stop her well laid plans to almost completely wipe out the entire cast of characters. The entire group becomes very ill, and they come to find that the last time she was there, she filled all the water bottle with anti-freeze. Even Luciana and Strand are close to death. Of course, the group drinks more to stay as hydrated as possible.

Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan eventually realizes he’s got to leave her behind, and rescue his group. He returns in the nick of time with a tuck full of beer and “I lose people, I lose myself.” written across his face.

(Apparently, if you drink too much antifreeze by accident, the ethanol in alcohol can reverse the effects that would otherwise cause organ failure, dehydration and eventually death. Fear The Walking Dead closing off the season with a science lesson!)

Another highlight from the night was June trying to explain her hardest to John why she initially left him. He looks at her, smiles and says. “I know you. It doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine.” *swoons and cries*

Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Althea had a great episode as well. She came to terms with her death (while the antifreeze was sinking in) and she recorded a message to whoever got the tapes, to keep them safe and make sure they matter. Luckily she didn’t have to part with them yet. In the final moments of the finale, as the group decides to forget going to Alexandria, and to just settle at an old denim factory to save any local survivors who need help-she adds that she knew of several locals who weren’t doing so hot. The group looks at the otherwise tough cookie with somewhat confused gazes. “What? I’ve got layers.” She laughs.

The finale was a roller coaster for the entire group, and it could have turned very tragic, very quickly. Ultimately, it was a happy ending. We can’t complain about that.


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