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How far would you go to keep your family safe? It seems as though our core group of 7 has proven that they will do whatever it takes to keep their family alive. Even though they are not all blood related, I believe that they have grown to consider themselves a very solid group. Excluding Strand, the jury’s still out on that one for me. I am not ready to include or welcome him with open arms. I still think he will in some way betray them to get what he wants.

Anyway, let’s get back to episode 5 of this season of Fear The Walking Dead entitled ‘Captive‘. It starts more or less where the last episode leaves off, give or take an hour or so. We find Alicia in the galley of Connor’s boat. Patsy Cline’s ‘I Fall To Pieces’ playing in the background. Connor makes her a
steak, an Omaha Steak to be exact. They briefly talk. Alicia asks for Jack and he tells her that he wanted some time alone with her to get to know her
better. He states that they thought that she would be more happier with them. He suddenly has to leave to tend to a power outage and she cautiously takes a bite of the steak. More than likely starving by now, she begins to dig in only to have her plate taken away by a pregnant Vanessa who goes off to eat it by herself. This give Alicia time to figure out how to try to get outside. She realizes that the boat is docked ‘on land’.


On the Abigail, Daniel is attempting to care for the wounds that Reed incurred during the fight in the last episode where he was impaled. Still impaled, he is now strapped down to a chair in one of the bedrooms with Chris looking on. Reed, the ‘pirate dick’ that he is, tries to get into Chris’ head, talking
about his dad. Reed gives him valuable information regarding how many men Connor has as well as boats. Daniel, taking in the information, irritates Reed’s wound to shut him up but in turn tells Daniel that Connor (his brother) is the nice one and when he is cut loose he will tear his daughter (Ophelia) apart. Daniel tells him that in his time men who inspires true fear never say they have to. Daniel and Chris leave the room and Chris asks why he would let Reed talk to him like that, Daniel replies ‘because he’s scared…that’s what they do. That’s what we all do’. He leaves Chris and allows him to stand watch but Daniel warns him ‘DO NOT ENGAGE’! He tells Ophelia, who is concerned for Chris, that Chris wants to stay busy ‘so his mind doesn’t go to places it shouldn’t’.


Madison decides to head for Connor’s boat to try to negotiate a trade, if possible, per Daniel’s information. Reed for Travis and Alicia. Luis on the other hand is not having it. Concerned that they will miss their opportunity to enter Mexico. Daniel overhears Luis telling Strand that they made arrangements for TWO people not seven more. Strand stresses that they can negotiate and that there’s time to go to get Travis and Alicia and still make it to Mexico. Luis argues that how does she expect to sneak up on them in a big yacht? She replies that they are expecting the big yacht
(dumbass) and that they will take them by force if they have to. Whoever doesn’t want to be apart of a fight can stay back with the kids. Daniel tries to convince her that she needs to stop treating them like children to which she replies that they are not fighting. Madison thanks Strand for backing her up and he makes it clear that now they are even, referring to her saving his life.

Alicia’s new job will be to track other boats that come into the area. Alicia is reluctant. Jack tells her that she has to pick a boat. More or less to do what they did to the Abigail.

Travis wakes up below deck in one of the cages in Connor’s boat. He tries to pick the lock and hears footsteps above. Soon after, a woman turns the
corner…It’s Alex! I knew she was the one that gave them their names! She tells him what happened while they were floating on the raft. Jake was getting worse after they ran out of food and water. She had to put him down before pushing him into the ocean. Travis tells her that she did what she had to do…She replies, “I did what you MADE me do!” She confesses that after Conner came across her in the raft he asked her what she had to offer. She offers him the Abigail but she specifically asked for Travis. Travis asks what they will do with them and she tells him they will put Alicia to
work. As for him, He knew what he was doing when he put her and Jake in the raft. He knew what the right thing to do was but he made a choice. Travis tells her that he is no better that Strand and what she did to Jake, he had to do to Liza. He apologizes to her. She gets up to leave and he asks what happens to her. She tells him that Connor told her that her could use her…No one uses her. She walks away.

Madison warns Strand to not come between her and Nick. She fears that Nick is becoming too comfortable with the way the world is now.

Alicia realizes that one of the boats that she’s been tracking is the Abigail who has returned too soon. There wouldn’t have been enough time to drop her family off safely on shore and return to Connor’s boat. She comes to find out that when they come upon a boat and the people don’t have anything
to offer them Reed, in fact will kill them. She asks Jack if they are dead and he replies that he doesn’t know. She hits him with the clipboard in her hand and they struggle to the floor. She says she has to try to find them. He agrees to help her.

Reed gets Chris’ attention and Chris threatens to gag him. Reed again attempts to get into his head saying that they have more in common that he realizes. That he doesn’t look like his sister or her mother and that to be careful. That the so- called family that he thinks he has would put him down and leave him behind if needed. Nick, overhearing and noticing a bothered Chris, shuts the door and asks him what’s wrong. Chris tells him that he froze. That they came onto the boat and he didn’t shoot and now look where they are. Nick tries to console him by telling him that he had no choice. What was he supposed to do? Shoot a pregnant woman? Nick tells him that even he couldn’t shoot a pregnant woman and that it is not on him (Chris).

Alicia finds Travis and tells him that with Jack’s help they are going to try to get out. Travis tells her that if she has a chance to escape to take it.
She says that she needs to make things right because it’s all her fault and he tells her that it was also Alex. He tells her that Alex told them about the Abigail and that she is also on the boat. Alicia tells Travis that she will return for him and leaves.

Madison makes contact with Connor as they approach the boat. She tells him that he can have his brother when she gets her family back. She assures him that he is alive and has one hour to trade. Connor responds that he will play as long as Reed is not hurt. Nick offers to take Reed for the trade and Madison says she will go. A shot is heard. Below deck, Chris is holding Reed’s gun and Ophelia comes rushing down the hall. She asks what happened and Chris just simply says, ‘he was going to turn’.


Madison sits with Chris who pleads with her to understand that it had to be done. That he was going to turn and that they all turn know. Now all we need is for him to say they don’t ‘CLEAR’ like another character from another show that we know all too well. He overhears a heated discussion from above and worries that he may have messed things up in regards to the trade…ummmm…ya think??? She tells him that everything will be okay, that
they’ll figure it out. They’re going to get his dad back. He thanks her and she tells him that it’s over. Ophelia and Nick are cleaning up the mess and she says that she is getting used to it. Spilling blood and cleaning it up. Nick pleads with her ‘Please don’t’. She tells Nick that Chris said that Reed was going to turn and that’s why he shot him. She asks if it was true. At this point Reed turns and stands up scaring Ophelia. Nick, ready to put him down
is stopped by Daniel who impales an ‘infected Reed’ up against the wall saying not yet, knowing that if they are smart, they can still use Reed for the trade. Reed is put back into the chair and his head is covered with a hood. Daniel hears a man’s voice telling him in Spanish to “Tome el arma” or “take the gun”. A confused Daniel looks around and is about to take the hood off to see when Ophelia interrupts him and tells him it’s time. Maybe
he found Nick’s stash.

Madison puts Reed on the raft and Nick argues that it should be him to go. She tells him no because he WANTS to go. She leaves towards Connor’s

Jack is looking for Alicia who is hiding from him. She heads down to get Travis only to find that they have already taken him for the trade. At this point she still has no idea that a deal has been made. Vanessa finds her and tells her that she should be the one to be in the cage. especially after
breaking Jack’s heart…Oh boo hoo! They struggle and Alicia manages to knock her to the ground and into the cage and locks it. That’s what happens when you mess with a woman’s steak!!!

Madison arrives with Reed and Connor, with two other men are there with Travis to make the trade. But where is Alicia? I don’t know…why are
kids NEVER where they are supposed to be? (**cough cough ‘Carl’ cough cough**) Madison unties Reeds hands and pushes him towards Connor
who in turn does the same with Travis. Connor takes the hood off Reed’s head exposing an infected Reed instead of his brother. Reed bites Connor in the arm and then one of the other men. A fight erupts between Travis and the third man but Madison spots Alicia on the boat and her and Travis take off after her.


Jack is trying to convince Alicia to stay. Alex told them what they did to her and Jake so why would she want to be with them. Looking confused and as though she was actually considering staying with Jack, she decides to jump off the boat into the water below where Madison and Travis pulls her out and they head back to the Abigail.

So when the world comes to an end and everything goes to s**t, what is more important? Blood? or Bond? Sometimes the bonds you make are
just as important as blood and sometimes you have to stand together to overcome what is thrown at you. Now, even though it was less intense than last week’s episode I was still fully engaged. Jack and Alex are still out there and they don’t seem to be very happy with our group. Also, in regards to
Chris, I am really intrigued to see how his character will develop and just how dark he will go. I see a lot of Shane as well as Carl in him. Especially after Lori died and Carl went all trigger happy because you have to get them before they get you, right? Living or dead.

Fear The Walking Dead Episode 206 premieres next Sunday on AMC.

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